Abalone Alliance Training Manual


by David Hartsough and Liz Walker

22 pages

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About this Training Manual

Abalone Alliance Training Manual
San Francisco
Hartsough Collection
extracted text



COIU'Ii.Ell .-OJI tll.fl AW.O􀁂f.C At.LI.Alli:£ Bl.00i:.UlE. i<:n.Oll 1H


2{GO l:.\l:f: Sl., SAIi r.<AllC:l􀀶CO, r.A, 9•ln
(4l5) 1s,-n66


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. Uo.11l10ub

-<Thtt-r􀅒 tMU I ht.t !WAie buH; t.'oph'° t1£ h.o_n4'outll ccmdno to _yott f!"t-e tile /'tfst;. \.:¢

vn1 GSi"d '4t, .. c. t.o Cl.tel\ l!.(9.t c:01,uct 1rnd t:f'IC)' el)Otfttl be Utetd'b\ltt-id to "n t:11if"«'f.
lf you,􀛸 ioCJrl &'ft'll.!I! hf-5 ho9b for ue,!e_ Ott t,t.1:lteo, 4,1.􀛹􀛺re-tlve ene-rgy, nc-tt1i1lclm_::-e-,
t1tc. bt-􀛻t,g 􀛼""'° to e111ct, •c•eton to use JS ffJ.t&.Jl'etfo

A s,.·ua.-. ,nf N. a.. nonvlohnt tu..in1nt toot'dS:nator or-ch.d.􀛽 reJH110.ntttl'fu

Should be 6t. eAd\ ao1u.1n1 ot £eHI ■utndd,-. blotkAdc cornlttH.. tlrey should ■h.-n


11ny upd•􀛾•d 1ntonutt.o11 u, wruu.n toni \il'.1tl1 all U'l.tuciu •• 100n •• -pon1'blt ..

foi.t Wt1 l c:o •e.t the une for t"h􀛿 ,,cuon. tty th􀅓 QU&l.li;y of .Y(ll4:-u.U.nl:n&.

bole_ ,e

A lot of -wha.t-you vUl bu odlJ\s is.lv o peio 6-t:on nfi.de.nc. '6:i dG fi;i. 􀀑cru , an

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m'to * loa cor:au.nltv C&. gc:oo 11.





110Nff0􃅑 NONVI.Oldltll' tMlNlNC

l. ll!IllllDUC'l'lOll of trolnou. (S 111l)1J
J. uanoouCTtON ,Of 1,.ucid.pant'S-to ao!ah ochc:t. (ffao.h a-J vcs name. & 1ithcu Ct•J. (.S .m.1-n)
C J. A1Jf!RMA.TtON: DrphJn pfffpo•􃅓 of atftrr.atlont CT>o.-p d-ividu i.Dto p&irra •od each

V periton uau '-""0 mtnutu t,o aha-ce 11bout • conflt,ct o􃅔tunion :ln \lhic.b e/h,􃅕 d.ta vc,lL (8)

(; ,, .toWloLtNl'. l'EACREI\PDfG: Sbctrt!bl.l) 011 l1,aa􃅖r)'. uet.03 C45tl ,,(J,J·u,. (bliJllplci1


tr ot liow f\lQ!Hlton CArl lht h1:"l11Ml,) (5 ,.. l􃅗

), tl􃅘t:l(_Cff.OVtU:t of the tcUon you 􃅙te t•n11ldng poopte tor -ht.t:vry. ;-1.1rpo1t, •nd

•nd ••••P• lnvolv•d. 0 11tn)

b, U/IHIJI l.lUH: 􃅚•pldn 111\•t Lh•y lrO •nd Why ,,. ao ..... , (;'l'ralnl"& OIA11\lal lVJ ('20111'11)
A • An.ary nuch:Ar plAI\I. IJa?"kor 'liPPl!oA,Ue.4 b1ockodeh ,6t DtalHo. Nonvt61&nt


.-.in1tOTI Art bn h􃅛nd to help pte􃅜􃅛n􃅝 vio􃅞p􃅟 couh-ontatiCrui, No 11Aa• -o"•

"'IJl'IVte.t'a ft t),o. ttt:l\•r 8'l.1111 \o,.,

b , llc.11111 dl)1,1t111t1rutiur• ,􃅠,..,• ,tra·􃅡􃅢"& lt61'1li\t At, efl• _1)-,\'J.te ... uJ\i, u,o. ll.,.,,.mtlilr•t1c.,•
H􃅣􃅤 filil\,iic filOOt I 1,l'a, itij._ .. 􃅥10Joif I t\tule 1M1• •w♦f t•imtitHOut ,,., 6•1• Oo 1._I111At,

I, K()I.M Vl./\Y􃅦I (3) o,111 IO• l)Ol!l\)


.!'H•l U&M1 IJutw,t1u by,unoat, 􃅧nd t'tt1111uu111tAi.tlutt. 3t"'" il.t'll'tl uroup.e uJ two
111unUuu. un11 ol!HTYtt, tH111 by,Un3􃅨r .,Ml on• tli1l!1'ii:m1t:rdot. tU ,t1n}
b • ,,.t. tllly. • vou1, rUJ\1111,1 tha tt􃅩tl,t to u,ko ovar th• llUnt. of\ 1roup of ,.,_,nit.on

l• un htmJ. to L>'"uuot thf JiC(\Mc, tind urovont auah •n oa.cuuno•. ruUcJrintt1


•􃅪aht W>n.ltor.t, tour tUM• t.t••11•n, rvo ■po11.lu11u• d'K l4t' tlllly. 00 1111n)
10 mlri IIUCAIC

I 1C'RD1CAL·t t1tJ.,ha3 on tt_n1l!t3ttn.1:,d (Ai􃅫 t doc􃅬or, "ur••• Ot: {ro.lwtt fhat •·4􃅭•n•
t9 8\ve !non!eoc&""' bti•f.Log u\ tleitl l1t1S wi,t.h 􃅮dl.cl'll GJ.11a.rienC􃅯•i1), (l'l1h i, .a

t1elvf11l ""t opUonol fort ot U􃅰• trolnlna) 125 11111)


,. t:itTUA'UON AltAL!tSISt Pruenc .lcuacton •t. raHy • Une of n􃅱rch it tl1e1·e t.l A

11\Al"C'h. vhAJ'<t Wlll(or• Ar• (h,11\U0!1 Al\tl Ot.U,eQ)' for fllO()•u·rant ,hie. fl.AU,

TM• lufA •tlou.1'1 be 11ruv:lJed tu tu.1(1i,r•a &y mon.Hor cuurillliAt,􃅲l' or ully lo1'4

lf you dtt 􃅳t ,have lt, 41Jh t.l'lem far t.t. •n odd,itlon􃅴 m1:mltora 􃅵111 ucl!J,vt! a

l••J 􃅶i••to b􃅷l􃅸flt111 the d•y of thair work, (lS 1111.:,

10. QUtOK D!ClSJONS: The purpoae of quick decbion, i.w to gho moniton c:xpo;rhlnGe
tn 􃅹ldng qutclt; c-upon:s4'a: to dHttcult •l􃅺\IA&-tont \lhtch .IIQ)' Arise. ftruk 1.nt-o
gtoUpt of-t!hree. The)' Au -.ll Ql0o1.tora A't th111 nl!Xt. r-all)t/11ct.ton, Cive Cht.lll

problC/.111.S in which t.ht!:y ot-4 ta atoilu, ,,uicl; daets.t.oas, Ctve t'l\ei:. About l\ minl1t••
to ..akt tha. docbion end thon io a􃅻u\'nd tt1c rooo.& to hea.1; the varl!oo, decit,1on..1.
􃅼 any evo.lu•t:h• c.OfflDOnt.1 t.\lpportittJ tho dul•lou \'eople baye Mdit,, or
enoouro.ging one or tvo of the dech1oM vhlch a.e.0111 pa.rtic.ulatly good. (15 mJ.t1)
Samples • tak,e at)our; U\fc natnutf!l.S tor u1;h·,

•· s·ooeone At r.at\y h•s b.1nntr: 118or;ab Dhblb... What. do mon1!tora do?

b• ,rro .nuke people mare·􃅽 co..,-ard •nt.i nuk.e. raUy ·Aad bC-8,11' to haca.u people..

􃅾!A tight 􃅕rupts betveen 10 aa􃅿ry t\U􃆀le..oT plapj. 􃅵o􃆁ker• And A bUi'\Ch of p􃆂opt•


f.!t th.e anU ll\llto rally.
11, QU6Sl:ION •nd IJISW?.t\ por!od. (15 1111n)

12. EVALUATION of orainhg, (i-9 mla)

Vrt. DisGU&sion ofPr􀂢viou􀂣Oc<cup􀂤tioru:
A. Auau􀀌t 7, 1977.
·u ..
I. p . •
t.. '
J. ,
I. . .
Vrt. DisGU&sion ofPr􀂢viou􀂣Oc<cup􀂤tioru:
A. Auau􀀌t 7, 1977.
·u ..
I. p . •
t.. '
J. ,
I. . .

==.;:::..:::......:U...,·􀀏.,cu •

n 'B. Atigu&t6, 197A•.ithht-hould,b􀂥•,􀂦u-on•l M:counc.1 dc:ltu b1 yovm&U Ot'" •C112-­onevhowalt.'hht'-Co\tcctheetot"Y.or􀂧an., tone 0: 5.dt.oa, l.dJ C'J),,o, getber, legalof􀂨e􀂩at&,

C. q..,est.10f\S, ,lC;eeq, t..hete. re􀃅ctvely brlt.f,
1,ogalIoio,,,,.tion, (3􀂪)

•pall>' S--tJ 􀂫,
A. Expla1.nposslb\ete.nstom-,■nxt􀂬
C. ·N1tcy-g,dtt7 of lcvl ptOcer.!-..
1>. Q1Jeatian1. T:tkf)UQe fat thu􀃆. bMt A.i-r.1t s􀃇 boUM ....._1• u..t&tl-1,

E, (Opt(Qfi.1, l( t._'hc:-ti. is Urn&.) aru\t tnto .t.:11alL s.􀀈• t-O ff'tt.ny ._..._ f_..lta.Tt...


(There 1.1.t.Ll ·be 1110re Unic tor thh.. vnGe,X1 .J

/) .:r


I _I

II. Aund􀁄 R.6v\11w.

A8􀜕AJA 11hnuld be-wrlcten on• h1rge-pLec.e ot p,r,ier for enr)'Ctni:! to eiet,-le'•
good to h.;;v􀜖. mo-re. b1,1tc.bet fUlpttr1 big &4tLc 111Ar.""u M1t.t bpt 1,11 W1n4. (tK •􀜗r


•«1loH.s. 􀜘ppo!nt: e l􀜙i••koepf.r "'l\o can bdp _,,ou keep tt•ck.. el riv, bo::.T: ti..

rLetKibh 􀜚ecoriftflg: c:o the a.ec.il& of th􀜛 g-rou;,, iuoefi 'nuaj. shouliJ oo•e af-ut:
conunouo d,eeL1'lol'/-􀜜􀜝in􀜞 for \ hour or .u 111i11vr.o.s ..

C. 􀁃o􀁄􀁅ible namo games:
-•people introduce uo:h oth¢-T to tl\e-i:r,ou.p &fto-r 􀜟lUn1, t.n ontn.

-•1v,1nt n·o,md ti\,:. ehcle ea􀜠1\ peuon gtVe:!. hls/hu nA,-e -vith • Afftun. •M


thtt groHp 1repent.-thot peuonr1a ru1111e nmf j{es•u:-1r,

-11 ... ople give. tJ\elr ,u,mu4 And a uc1:.nt po•LUvt tlll:'f>-e•hnl::e tfle.,'V• lfl/114,

3. Afflrilty gtuuosr.i.
Ste .iffhlt1 5-ruup .sheet, k.t 1.11,0ptc. ,\mov vhJtC-tbe_y au􀜡 and 1.ncplain that hte-r

tn tho day thoy wtl l be fal"Qiflu A.O.',. Support: -people or• i1S-Sf!.t1.􀜢al. :-o t:he
ac·don. The-YI!" ehoutd bo a co,ip1c for -011r.l\ AO.




ff tlOJlVlOUllCI:

\. lfllY 􃆃otNJO!L8NCKI

nonvtoh!ot -1.cf.lut1 1i on actt'Vc way to ,onlt'oilt: .inti chall.l!'..n , n uldc"' t"cth\{l;I\

orft•nidnR peuplo'• io􀀯ct', i •􀀍 o,t.oTT1otlv$ tA paedvlty or 􀀰lot􀀱oce􀀲

lri'e uro 11,boul!. \Ca_, 11nd .cony1alenct? ts 1U,--.a!liJ-ilhg white v\-ohocr-h Ufed'1
11ttoyinis. A.11 Cnni!tll Go.fti., '1bur•m.eoru; mu&'t bie consistent wkh our: ttulfpor•our

e1111h (!IN? eahodl,c.d h, vur' mt1Ant1!°

\J􃅕 w•nt to cottvt!r􃆄. n«; c􃆅obber tbl! opponr.n􃆆 w._ 􃆇An Oata t..b• 􃆈•hm.!W'1t.t\nuc
h􃆉Un_ai t,, he v,op\o. Our openness to t!he. hQ;llonity· 􃆊, olir oppqne.ot:8 111al:d: U: pntll\fi,\.,.,
fot t;'hcrt to c:htt11gci•

ile do n0Nn11m. RUblk iltte.ntlct!I di',,erted f.rpm the key cauce--m of oudUr oolit'tt'



./-nnd Db1blo, Jm,t. on-. v(o\.,,,c A.Cf vciuJd μIce!th􃅕, focus off llltlblQ.


t. lflGRET>IM$ OF NOOVtO􃆋&irol.
?:-OrlYlol•nce 16:
--ore CW1m t: .tbsM,o, o!t viohau..--t􃆌 i!a •n iMct--Jtte poa:lth.e forceo,:..
-VJllingoc􃆍 occep·t ad n • ... then •
.afr-t..epdt • o·pt!:t1, carin .an:Lb&de t.oV•td o Cl,: have no e.ni::m1.et.,
-􀁅cat pg upon t 􀁆 ,uaanify oft e OfE._«nca£.
-􃆎u􃆏•rc.h ·tor to1t􃆐. S.&rlACBAHA U •tile Iodbo turm for J::,.v,. ac.tl.an. 1􃆑 me.an•
Ut􃅕r.,.UJ 1•fc,Ltl1􃆒f􃆓rce;'" "Sat_ye1' :rict.ns t:utb 3oA imp'l.Lee 1ove-.and flt·mtu,u. 1'l\.8VAhA"

•ean; forde, 􃆔 for,oQ bor.n 01.IC o( truth •n􃆕 lov,. lt 1• i.mporunt for nooylolent
Activuc.■ to )>e oop.n to 1tfltfllOg from 0\1t 01mon,n􃆖1. W• d.o no.t ),•vi, 11 f!l,on,opo!y 011
•·Co c􃆗•-s concept ,ot f'.v. t"hen \Ml 11 􃆘ornplc.r:o v.:UUl\gnua co accopt
ihftet1.n$, 7'.nach􃆙 tuult1 Of ri.v. ,u􃆚Cion. Thu• th􃆛Gla not atf.eiiipt IO UIE any
hgat de.-fcnee. ·a.r,d \li•a ptltpnred t:o I.OAO p.-op􃆜rty. iincom.11 .ond evt'tt llh in tht!
illf•uH of-truth and justic.-.
--th• procHve of 􃆝.v, ln ttu• /It-. h oot ttstr<kt..Jll t.o th!ose. accs.s d!lt.ectly

eoncunod wfth eiV.U at:eabadli:!na iu:J:Im,s ::b,...w􃆞nds i.at:o ail -aspoC'U oft􃆟


d!org,n1•at1on. Such actlvititti, 111 ladle rv{ • to,u􃆠 e1td phus􃆡g



Of publh..· at.io.!no. relations -with PG&.£ tl1o.. running o[ @!DUt:tilb l"n
t,:t"ptt'lo.nAl rultionis ps s uUl1 111 e carried out in s sp o n;v.
-t'ri 6ufifel,rdonahlp.'1: wtit:h OIH! -.nnther,.!t-hh inclUdq I Je«Ltbi of mu.rual
support end 􃆤rfJ:La:F..i!!lJ)n, t.ru,c., p\ltdnt mu oQn eto• Ll'I t.h• ti'Acksrnund ;i.nd th􃆴
eoncerni' ana into.t:a.•n ..-nd ,_....i t ... beJ.ng of othu.s !ln aio Jorqrouna:.


0nt1. ol ths 11tn1umpt.iona or nv acti!on UI t:h1u. oecwp1t!. d􃆨 :havi! the povet t6 brtut

about sb·,n••·

Acdv􃆩 cw hu -􃆪U􃆫p;y tipllnntng ttioun:nrlG "f e􃅕-.n·•􃆬.. NV t.ht.oey and, .Att.1on
hrw􃆭 buen tefl,u;,,11 thto􃆮'h t,,u thuu.tbr.And ti¢.Cjon •n4 ct1i,pat11u: o( Henr1 D11vtit


1h_9l.t.!111. t11het111.a Oofldtil, t'l(fO•.n Luth•r lLnig, Dorotl')y °"Y c-nd :.hN1.1B'.{ t"hec ,U:.olU1on1.1r.

c-f""Jil ..tfg1't'.s,. £:i.nu\lOTl<er-. 01,tl􃆯ar and•nict ... nutlur mov􃆰1,t1ti ..
/ Gove:-nm!!nu h .ve bocn toppled ttti:o􃆱gh
n El Salv.a orf. \inc---
rl&h􃆷 hova. be-en '-'OR,fuTbhc.ks, ,r.s. ..a1lJ&,
. Jc.ttye non

r -􀀈 􀀉 􀀊 =--"' B!?«::!

r('l.s.tmu: a conn􃆲s ond l>􃆳uc-,
-Tt";6 lve
Dtwe bttn 1o.l􃆴gr􃆵ud, Vot..1􃆶
;ht!nti tc 􃆸;;􃆹stun ve.ri 11fnppted

through .a: n·!v Stockade---of Jn::ziti shtpA bYpcople 1n cunGMU;ng P􃆺\:,hc..att•o 5a"oc1.d1t
w-•r y(ch 1hmgladuh in 1971.


t!I It
To hi16 OVt mb,•o •bovr n.v • ._,
t!I It
To hi16 OVt mb,•o •bovr n.v • ._,


• 1n jfl , ,
lf' !!A.I'\)' C\t lh.1•• ""!0!,... lit ..... \) l\tlQtlt1unA Utl'L(l,1 il!.!!LJ y


•l􃆾fl \ol1JL.t;.ip«-, fn 􃆿1􃆻!􃆼
111\l'lff}'c foQ,1 fii.i¥1o far G"diwit,;1\ 􃆽!,

,to_o«.._ ••

t1t􃇀r,h111., "􃇁YIJ.9!1!8􃇂\ (n_ ffi " ,.,.u"H)' lO"\, t􀀷􀀸,. 0􃇃 .., •• ,, 1'1l1vll Jf\11 v ,􃇄•niud
UV tl'¥4tt.,mc.e lO bf􃇅􃇆􃇇 og, .. g1Un" J...,,. th,_ Ul!!t.)􃇈 lo (;•1,t11•")' ('le.!:::J..lt.O t.l\t •lu



author.J.Uot1Jt1V<. ui, pl1n1 (ii]hiiltliri• i,,:opote.d nuchAt+ r􃇉or lt! Wyn\ r.,, ttl!h!nt.1Jl,u1,.-..ci·
BYt.n ttwe.
T,m Pl ruElt 5tfur!


u thef -''&Ul" o not. .4ntt1-1l\.!


Dlnblo o,nr)"on....,.,.G'"Ool1\,, on Lt110, w h•v• not tli1U. Thl• t• on• pot<nt «lon1

tht w11y in .-ton11..c•r• 1n􃇊o111.t


nv t'QlhUM.O to nuclut t>OVflr-IIIHd W*1)01\I hAI bffn •truUnas r11p1dly •rcrur.il tltc

world. 1t 111 m!ore. 1,nd 111oro cJt&ily , vo:or,lofo1 SIOYO'll'l•nt-Yt.nu• oo..ri,orat.t tntoraH:a

,n.:.t oorr,ouu OTOt.tt,. On• of th• t"t1C.our,UJ.111'1 thln1• ia d\at 'f-11 rn:, not. a.lone

In our ttNUlO to 1top Dl11blo, Wo an. truly • put oJ .t wotld•\ifidl IIOVlim•fll,.

􀀓. WIIY CIVIL ot,oa&OIRll􀀔􀀕r

0An4t\i natoJ tt\"LI "ln t"hoat iln1Ut\'0.01 "'9\._n do-""oor1t1c proctducei t\4Ye t',.,...
d41111ft&tl.d tl'H•<K1ct\ M1;hl1lt: OT duta1\1 AI\I UhOY♦ ,!hft Lojal .iUili􃇋h.htt"'y hat la1Jto turn..,a


t01o1HdJt a CrAVOllt!Y ot jW1•tlo:t1 civU d11obadlon􃇌4 Mt b♦ c.11lled foto p\ay."

Wo w-oul4 11(ld rhu!It M\la-t!be oa·!t,111 lf\t.O pby Lt rhv 􃇍11oul tC11oporui:tbUJt)'

: ' 1

fnft ,,art0H1tt 1\r rl\y tllQ\lfllJIMt h t.o b.i '-""lnS._&/\e.41. . .t1!•!•

So JlHt eue of D} lHa C1uio!


«ope••• bout'I oo tiu!to and c:orelUf bfvt f􃇎lh!n Of! du􃇏 e:cau-of !edual ofJtB:a.:lr

iii ·


􃇐􃇑\a i:c-n,U!fiue-to •up,!1Wft hPet•Hf llti'ollJC-.,Iii t)ii bj,tr•flon q[ Dt.,t°bla Cf"')'􃇒I d._•p1te-

,tron61Y cmcour•sa ..-U ,pooph plonni.nD ca.
􃇓Tt1cJv•t• tn the Abftlon􃇔 tp􃆄lnG-tl.i'l'IJIM:r •otionM co read People C􃇕neta􃇖ing !'ne'TViJ••
1!he l'hnoory •nd 􃇗omo Imp Uo.• tlon .. ot U. V." And l-\ovom.ant tor • ?l•v S-oc:Ut.)I'• "N'h)I,

Si 11nv(olonc•T" tn Additton "'-,JOuld 􃇘n4011n:ao o,,opt􃆜 "" ••t•d. .fo1rn Om1d1uAe,t'•

.f Connour or Viole·nc..c, rc1ch,H'1 m:·•at'• tho Pnwo1•!􃇙 of r(oA.,,iol•n􃇚 A11d C;11ndhL••

""""'i AutnbJ.Of.\Uphy. All c-,f tht .,hovo •r• 􃇛YAU..b\..Q fr'Offl th􃇜 AFSC boc,kAr:or:t, "2􃇝(il)

aktl Sc:., San h,,·ndr,Co!1 t;A 041'11. tr.:;:􀁇

#'1 w../'PM ';/ ,it,,

B 6, c. Se.t.f-4p)"'"lftory I 'lI/

». lhtt Uonvtolence Oodu

.SOmt-uoo h &􃅤O nonv1otcnc.t .n " ""-Y of U!f&. Od\!e.U U􃇞 it A• +o •fttstlV• UclU


for this i,e!nlcul "'Ir ,sfruyle..
is,;k tlust ervn On(lc pArr.tctpo"tl11t-tn Ab11!tone
􃇟 a a ...•c -p awv
o po w11nt to 'f1bt pttuun. on peopl• On􃇢 ,uy

·􀀔---------___;;.._ __

or the ""Other. We!do!.,_ol\owevtr, .acltooo-s
$\.!beer to nOn\l1olGnct ,,nil the. ng t.:_r:i

,. __________ _

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Tl1e Code. e..dst..s to bu!.td c.-uec tmd 8 cOffl!ou fotjndution, lot Htcty ,ml'.I. to •void
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l. Our atth.\Jde wtll be nne ot oponn􃇡u, trC..·ndlin•U 􃇢n--d tetplot ·to'-'Arda all
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i. We vll1 use "o violence, vecbnl or-1,l1,1􃇣lc11l, c.ownrdt •nr c,e.oon.
3, We. 1,tll 11ot dow•s• .-..,_, if>t'Ope:ty􃇤
4.--l-le Vll) not brtnt Ot' 1,1u. Ut1)' dni¥;1 Ot 1Jcohol othor thall for •􃇥•Ud.AA1

􀂦4 w􃇦 􃇧(ti not Tun.

6. We 􃅵ill c,rry no woopon•.

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3.'huo Qn'lvl)I cnut about tour-tU!lu a )'tilf J.n nn<VhJt e,_,ontCNnc.cit,-r,a t!􃇣tt •

m.ajor d(!cJ..don•. Otcftion1 et• Md• b:, conun,u1.

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i..60tlli,iato •otlon, t.h1tt arc not. U1t11•d ln Sou :Lule OUhvu ,mJ >ur\-,. t•f'tUlt•h 11vt1,..,t

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4 􃆇ootdin••c:J.we CLOJ1111itt•t: •11.11•u Mnthly to tl1"n 1.njom,Uon tnf.l ttnpo-uU



net'ilc«'n. local g-o\1111.

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Moth•r• ror Po,1100. l 11rouo in CIAA LUU ObJ.Mro, I.Cltrt.O.tr \fOrkina; 1111trtrt th• l>U'blo

1:!,t\YM 1)1nl\t 11.n 107l. Atc•1· yo:•n a.t d.L.aour•ai"ll h&•l tnurv111!t1on. 10.-0 ot
f1lu• uu111.i,11a '"'"''" • 4htot Aat1ol\ 1.,0,p a,11.a r.·ople Gonu•til\A lnina. Thlt

groui, iJ"'t"o ,to1i\l •"41\ ,-oc1on• Cfoftf\A 1?77• r,,o!ut"i)ll r.h• ptan. And drAwu1,


Ould U ,/tf>t1
tl1Hoo,, C;ll C;hi IUOMt1on, OChU ,.,oup,t ... ,.n to tom A aupp,n,tw• n•C.•

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an l?-aat Say 9tot1p wrk1ng .,g"(n.at U\􃅕 Vallechas phnt, 8Ta11ps-!n

SiJ11 VrondJJco an.d Santo Ct:u,:., etc,. Ttuute grOlli'• came togatbor !or tfie f1rDt t\.􃇰


on llu !, Ul17 f:'il hpld a balloo9 19u9ch at the g11h..1 of Dhblo_ Tvo hu,ndred pappl.­

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a;imt O:om •ra.u1\d th.e -.tftt􃇱 co rthue •e-venl .tho,μeond ball®􃇲• vitb. oth.tl\ed

fflC#lt􃇳􃅛• th-t c11d the. •ae.e 􃇴Jnd• 􃅻h􃇵t 􃆀•nied this balloon 􃇸auld can-y•!Ysaiat::lq􃇲

trocn. thli J)111b1o Oanyon f'IVCUl'lr powr 1,1t11f.. Jn thir (IVI\Rt it( •n Hctd,flt..: 1-aHoo􃇲•

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tn 􃇶• 197'1 t:he􃇷rn atAt.ovt.-di!c S,q)upt ume t0j\¥t.ht.r !rt • conle:aoc• t:o tom che

Ab11lone Alll.incw, A't c.hu 1Wtnt • UddAr.1t"'.loo ot Reda-t.aoce. ..,􀂧& ,:1groU upo-o ana


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dhnce and ao􃆝-cu au:1ons-. .Hue llN • fev tt,.a"l!)l..-at i.10,rt:U -1c;fon1. fed fror

to t6d IMHU...


».y At(IA group• •t:t on ex-,a.-qple-ot • crutiv.e non .. CD ActS0\1 ut1,n thtj l\ctd a rlutbnU.1111
t'our. Tl'\􃆙y rentca • 1>u11 1nd tnvttcd mediA And tl\e publlc .to • gulde.d tn,t or t11' cnjQr­


nurby litn WhfH'C pluton1cnn vu bein3 i..ttd o, uon4. Othe..r-g-r-ouu• '1in• bMt\ tnVa1"'e.d
in trying to ;c·o'P the tr11n1porut1on of 1'\Uclur i.iastu throligh thdr c0tmmmLr.te.s.
holdins 111\jot 11t11tewid􃆙 t&Ach•11\I (J.nch1d1.n• apUht'a tUch u Ba'rty Cm::mooe-r-• Dnnlel
Etltbet'p, -.du!Ot-c: .) 􃇹o•C reat•nt.b1 t.,bl.!. Padf-tc A.ll.i.anc,,e, a &J"lflP11tbtt¥-it:

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ful"dNiiGinH oYgan1ution, put on ,1 11ttrLea of th.r('.e major b􃇺f.it. COf\.Ct!:rt􃇻 for tJ􃇼i,

Allolon« 􃇽1th Vtu.si.ct,1􃇲s Cral\11:tu Noh '1fld J1Jc:.lt.son 'Bru"",u"r a1td Hth􃇾n Celdt.cott •pe.a\i""-·

Abdonc AlUnnoo 1:10'1'1bon did • lot of the h1-work tn putUt1􃇿 on tho•11 eo􃇲cc--ru.


Santa Cl'Ul. hu-b!e.•n tnvolvod in crying to stop thG local Lci-.kt1e.ed p\.tnt ...


fll)\JJ►• ijJ'IJUtiO 'ti1􃈀r, (Hoh hlill􃅕 0\!J'J• ihv.oln,d oi,got􃈁g 01thu􃈂h 1m'1 e-iJu􃈃iiafl.on
cl.tor􃈄• throv,te;b Joor•to􃈅d£u.•r wnvoulng. 􃈆peakt!.!• burl'!,,,a)

• Al\. 1n ..!
n!1wblh llf:l.ti.lnaa-. 􃈇1::1u•􃇆
; fflti4frl.n••, tllet •hu,dnt1,11,. rNdle1 􃅩,;,6 TV s-pon-, Iunt!-r􃆴f,lng nltvtl-1,.-s, ,􃈈. thl,o
or:k, •tuuv ..tttt .!t Oltlt'Jon6, fonns

daily 1.4.!thc t•!'J􃈉l!tl\e eGGCf\CC' of Ul11t -llh11mc AHUltvre,


A.dd •ny other maJor 􃈊vc.ng, 1uu c_na •!\. 0ft tbe ..above .

thit!.. tte􃈋rly h t>tutd towocrl•
th"' n11y Arc,., tine-c th,!i: l,c, '111t1re -,a vb.o :.1.r:e -Yrlt-ln& t:hts-CDt:lt.', fTO!II..

lV illlSSL& unss

A. Hustc L.1.nu ..n, ti ahorc. fun11 of, -:-a.le plrJy vhloh give us--a dla•􃈌c.e l 6 &r,

wny to b􃈍gt􃈎t..y au􃈏 uur nauvwloIeu􃈐 dt t t s t.Wll IoI; •I) aod ,.1n

1011u:i oon enc􃈑 n■ 'f-,11 u -a-toeHng pf figg things (ooll f:tpm our odvers4O1
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lnostru.cti'dn0: Ua:􃅜f) p􃈒ophi lhla 11-1 tn No l!tMa tActi1.a uch ocher, e11c'h peoon

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_hc,t.ng anQthet Vi.t.h wboa.!triey 1,1(1!tnei,;-.1in tiic hu11ia.i Te:l't o,ch 1h\e dho


tl\ey tiitUl playo. 'Ctcide-t.nu ,eel!C and fhl.' -u􃅕11: l0 uc.ond& to gcr,; lato tbttr. ,ob.
Cut 􃈔liction, whe:o tbey h.1ve. -;ottc.o 􃈕h11t th•.J C<'O o.it" ofJ􃈖._up to• I l"I!I Ot "2..-1"......,,..;,.i


􃆴o. (>dbro•o!d dl!sc.u.sn􃈗 ' Scct􃈘nn xlt, for-•ddlf􃈙ooal 1.n&true•



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susgeued Hanle

1. t,e,.ons.crAC"Of'B and 11edu Ul)IS _,.!Dlablo's e·ntun.!a􃆙. "Why are yo.u Aetesnpt:tnr,

t.o \,lock th• entt.utc􃈚 to ,tho .DJ.4))lo uvct0-ot' pOWft .olont •l.te t.odMyl'
2. 91.ocJtadec-.e .,,d ROlJ.cc... The blockede-cec lrt ttnndina tt. the i-rOflc gau of

l>.lAbla l>.toc1<1-r􃈛& r.-rafflt.!onto tho 􃈜l•nt. PoUe:e: confront the .tl\d Aay. "Voi, Ort \ln.tt.:­

Orl\H.11 At pOlt􃈝 •Cl.,t1f!lpt t-o r'j.mi'i\lt t:htli:-1 d'1mi'hJlr.U.dLS g.!n limp And trj t,o c0mmlin1•

onbe Oh o hdllwln, hwe,l vttt\ fH,Jl-tCJh

,3, OtmOi\U t'flt"at.A .onc:t p;i􃈞vOo!A(lr.nJf"i (,1.'.ri 8f'JhJJ1G Of 1-oq11: provo-cace.u-r 1md 􃈟o t'IY
demonstTot:,ota.) The-pt·􃈠vr,cllt􃅕urt a.cc c..»tJIL('g J'9Qlkc, 11f?lgti'J tnd hctiltlht& t:ht l)QJ\,c-c
end demoostrb.tot's• 4tt.e111ftt t:.o t1unvtofe1,ti:ly df\td twlth t-l1(1 ,H-uatitm, (Oho uveul
f!ll􃈡t􃅕a-(or tbls «iJ􃈢d

l'ou mtiy 'fflnt to tTY rev􃈣r,$lng rolu an 􃈤 czoijplb of the:.Jt co thu· oth di1& 8'"U to

axpad■fl<" 􃈥int J.t:'c. Uku to be police, ete.

M4ko up yo·uv crmi. tna111d11 hud􃅕 ltn•• trf.ilm &.veryda:)' •l􃈦uatlono, too!, !Jffct( AO • lffl!Ull
beina hnH1..(\d .on tl•• 1n;-....􃈧c-. "thh •A9 hf•lrf to wann Up !.or !IIIOte ouclea,-••t•!el,11t.o.d

hAul• l.thl'>a.


Q proceu in Which d􃆙c1t1.on• HO Ndt' by tl\e m\ltual c:ansc-n.t-o!f the
part1c1p􃆴nu. "1.t LI ii d.:(Tee-t ,out .ow· o enDce,.!c a TIDI nape.et: :fen·

the h14 vidhAl \;\t n a ro 4nd creates a • ltlt-of t.rust .and coope1at ..



A£:r•utmitrit is reached tbr-ough a process of g.!at.bttiJ,􃈩 f;u.for-:u1to!􃈪 -ano_a vre."'Poinr:s.

dlG·cuoslono, pe.rsuoai.<tn, d t¢nbi.naHon ttf 01y11t.h!uls of pn:,pos4b ttt.

,!d/or t.h,p dovolo,-.
m:cnt of t.c,hlly 11!c􃈫 ,mu. T'1tt gool ill t..o re.t..eh -, dt1ch.li0t\ wlth 􃈬,le:h •!veryot'lll ua


..agr.ec. Oonteneut at tu bu.t reU􃅕s ur,on pttsunsion tadie.t Cri,h, preH'Ur'b-Y-ff""
ii'itcliint gToup unity.

le aften taku r.ror􃈭 ti.ml.! tn o.l'r"'r.-Y out thii,. fo.na of dccidon·•cl'ak.lng th.!nn ,ltMi:­


ff\,l!ttlodqI o􃅖d so12e.dmc& !'1'9:fluirce II grcJlt d􃈮el ,.J{ p•ticncc;, Aow<'!v􃈯 the eonct,ud.ona


' '

I "'"h:h ,,_ fftt.1huI 9t"• 1lkt􁋀 r-c 􁋁..noc:1. tl1t c􁋂u .,.... ... &ae-.-r:u ..... N..«l'N􁋃l,.


h•n ,.,.. 1H'll\O t,􁋄 tl\1' fllvijflllilllrfl ot ...,,u._a .,-Aa•,111.11

U prt.tduc•• l1\hll ltr.u'1(l ,t,􁋅tuot'I•• 􁋆 i.Tu orpouu-a &.S• \HI u.tU.Cn.1 of

ove ry􁋇utl,

tc. t\dpt to lu:i"'l) veorlt' tru." g,ttl,13, lM11 dj•,-..r, •Ul􁋈H "t,.-..-, fru1p,,,a1tA􁋉
i'IDM 1u-thd to!, Jl"ropo■􁋊I l􁋋n. -.,ttt vtt1 􁋌, lon.

lt i\\ortou tl1«!Uk"-10,ood ut aev •!􁋍 Otfttt u..-. \,lt\4 t.lr1'ic􁋎t Uh

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lvoryono h11.1 • n•ke l" l"l􁋏h•vo.Ul".1 • 􁋐,.-t,t-QJ'I• ..,.__.., ,u fl••• ,uu1:1tt4:tu.tl
ict tt1 lonut1on. PHtfcip,1ml, heve M,• <O"t'.lt' t•, ._,'\I.._ tro i,t>.tJnh vUO \/M􁋚._
th-y •r• t\111) in 11r,rm•nl.

Jt d1nUh.1u,tl)' h.HeM th, punlbJll(,T Ultc • •l•dt, lllll t1•l r.:.h•t •n
\ln"HCC.tpt:,ibh d•oUiOn hu baon l􁋑tH)t􁋒 cm t.hoa.

It b i&J>O"ttAllt to ru'\bo thff11 con,on,􁋓• dou ftot D•!,s•·udif .,..., 􁋔l•U--

, uti,mfmicy. It no ,ucet111lul ee..:umodtUo,., t,.· tMde t:.. • 􁋕 • "'Jntlaq-• an.£

• r􁋖iuonab\t 1,roup •!tort. lo 1# th• t.nd.LvUh.-•••• 6'btt,..t1• i-o •a.Din• 􁋗•Ul..r
l\•llil\,. f••h tuon•ly -no1,1,Jh t.o uint.da 'the: obJ􁋘doa. It not. h•l•ha covc:uu
􁋙fl "•r.1r11d AUd􁋚.11 ,ath,r,-; to b. tOT\t.idw.-la dd..t rep1-C Lan lu.0 to rrour

«,,c 11vt-ryontt OA11 AO "•q1!Al votc.t11 ,,nd􁋛􁋜 c.ott,Hnava. tmltvlA\i'th til'l\o t\,,v, a g.nat••


tnvo\\',imt:qf ltt d';ti 1J1,lltcw1 11udu dhc.ouJce, vUl beve. •n. dev1tluif,M ♦\p,poittt:• .n&
\tUl \ltudl,y h"vo tt.r-un5tr-o.)tu:-ern• 􁋝 tt. i.s llpt:r.'!ettt: 􁋾Lso to 4,,-.,14 it•tur"'9 ol
«.amtm1tion .and pu11V.il)'. ;. l11c!l.it11.tor itae. he!lp 􁋞 d"tJtw tWl lfty Pnt>'u o; lW􁋟
d􁋠m1nat1na ptopt,.

Oonien,u» deeislon---msking place• 1crn1 dnuindt o􁋡 Les p6f"!:lc:1,pa•C-•. J'ttftt'!!

lnU!lt b􁋢 a rcapec-t for and eon,riclcrotion l\y •ll tnie.aben-of the. g􁋣1;,. 1'1ten -.itt

be A aenu of c.OUUtOn hu'ehlng. nth.er th•n ·lndivfdti.J ...s-􁋢Tti.arn.. ni.e:u :=uu

h o Hodtlvity amt op•nmtu c-o the idt.U .tf'ld Cul!.:ct of o-C:fl􁋤cs 6rii tr; \trnffC


elt􁋥􁋦t to ncco􁋧o􁋨ate 􁋩boG􁋢 i􁋪e•• Gnd f*•ling• vttb ft.􁋫1$ ovo􁋬 ¥1.n•tly there •􁋭t

be ,n• seose of dedlcatloo tp nursult of tn>tb, a.u M.th􁋮.r W.ue-'that. algbi' 1nd ...

When tbeao guJ.dellnos-iJte hnontd, tb• c;.0nSfn,ni1 pn>c•u ,:an be. fo..shotlag;
cllvt.stve om! tot.ally Ll\cffectlve. "If t:hey •"" f"olJolol!d. ic C2tr be. eae-1;9:t:truJ.
1.mHyl􁋯K and t!Mlrvel(lltftly P,rodo,e.Uva. ft'• up u, you ..

B. Polnu to tnoludf! in t'he p_-rocesir:
C:hoou A hctliutoC", noteki!!epe.,r ..-rid tiu1tk•1:r,u: ("-,.., •􁋰-a,,i,. :"Olu,j

St.ate ilAUt o-r qu􁋱•t􁋲on 􁋳c be 􁋴etol􁋵•d.

Shor􁋶 optnion&, opt1.ooG.

Bcetete propo􁋷at uit:h ll'IOSt sup􁋼ort􁋸

A·ak for obJ􁋹-tions-(_perao􁋺 objecting c􁋻1
t tiolor.nc i,ropeet.l .. )

Aal(: 'fot re.t.-r·v.t1ciof!• ('pertoti U· coiieeetd •')out 􁋼t'01>0l--fl.,. tU&k:a 􁋽 M'f .oi:


Oa the best cbo􀜣ce, ¥4nts $mall 􀜤hangca,)

Aek £or 􁋾ffiendi.ont􁋿 (arull ch•nges to 1GOet re􁌀􁌁"•􁌂IAllu".}

Paraphraae decis1on Teached.

Decide \.•ho ·li7ill 1mplctmt dechHm (And ti,ai,.,

C. Deelclon-tmki:;n& lor bloc􁌃􁌄d•r,.
Ctmsensus· vor'lc.J b(!..St. in .su.a,H gr01Jp• 1Arl.cb h..tve. frl􁌅l;, or '-'Crt. tiu. A!; a
group set.I: lar-_gcr., the .ro 1& of he1U htot" .and ..t .u.r,,lctoT􁌆 .a_a:.e.r,d.,: t..«O!W nor.import.a
nt. To .11void 11otne. of the eibaos. oc.cupi.crs fdt. _. 􁌇 Ciue:su􁌈 -uhai. 100 to


250 people "'e􁌉 tryini;. to Tench col'Uie;ns.\ts. uade.r te..ou-. e'ro'ii•:h,d coadi.tioi:u, Lt:

i I beu ,to usn a 5"poke.s 􁌊 couoctt, and ee:·t p-netle-e. us..11',l 􁌋h QU"hod b􁋢-fore

gotos ,tc je.l!,


• •!ts Workn Ukec chh: dter afflnlt·y &.C'OUPI 1'Av<. ro....

􃈰 or-r<1rfonac.d., u-c}! _grQl.q?
ac.lh11 • SJJO!ke to u.-rry ltBc oonee.m_s ;:o • cowicO o.f :teQ"R:a:_ Thl$ 􃈱ound.l u_x

be U ot' 20 po,091e vt\o tepra-2rit. O'Yet 200 peoph. 􃈲p,01::e,: fliay look <on .aod

hear whA« l• ut..11 but. don't. ee.al!!.nt white tht C-cca:U 􃈳u .ana ddJ.be.-p1t:es. ;x_nt,
ptoc.j'.tS-can bt uae.d wt\e.11 rn•·n, 4:o:tlt.1.i>.U h•ve t.o k toc.a:t6!:rod 'fUkk1y. Aft-e.r
ho.oting all o( thtt 1t11nlt􃈴•' t:on􃈵m• .. A h♦II pco,,o,'-l -.--, M aynth .. 'tud• \lt\1.oh
lncorporate.s all of tblt dl'.Bi;-aA or th• dtffe:-t.«i ta.:􃈶. Lt not,. Ll'1• tpokwa &o

bo.e􃈷 tJ, tha.h: d0n4.ty xtoupa-t.o n._po:t '-'b4't 1\.41 t-n t lftd t:;cy t:o!rttc..h Ag-ret

i=-nt.. or prese.nt ·!to k

u nf'(t propou.t, Mlkh tv:-o •o.t• 1:>..􃈸 1.0 the, tpooe..t counci.l,

t'hh me.t:hod ot de:c.blon-ctJ:k:tn&!be;p:s •II.it Lli..-d•􃈹 .1.11;;:..,•ton on tbe. e3al l g.'taup

leveol, hut keep• t.hc adVAl'IUg:U o! b.ur11tt .u COM:.U'M kfore. OOTllWl'UI t•


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􃈻h•p• p_.ople. feeol ,:Jlolr: <t111t􃆴ni• .W.n1t be lltuC, lf ... nu ttuu􃈼A u􃅕 .toml\d,

ot i,e:th11• \H!Qfl" t,el II non of ucc:oJJc:y tiwt ..-._. l•,-dudc. tbO\a,lbtful


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O. KP!􃉀 Ph1: ot.!Bpoke;C COlmc.U,
,.-1.r,&du ,.h􃉁t. A tflh t;iihy ia (u• rob pt--, •􃉂} __. ._,o.u 1..1\, t-,n.l'bliO uf
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t(, r,1•1'1'>'rc. a apn\ce. Then 51.y,: A d.t.chf􃉆l,j u 􃉇. '-Lt ,1r11oi,,rlt Oc11,1.kA1lt,n
Ar♦ H\ J11t\, 1!h'"''' it"tJ!v111, ,gt(h ... ,t h-􃉈·!· ....-.,,-,tt'• 􀀉,no •. '"°" <fl\


to􃅷IJtitl "' fl01t1 tJ􃉉'i􃆉•• r,thr""' ot crA l)t 􃉊,ht &it\ ,100o ••H. '-vi ,vfu"'''" ,,,,. .,,,

•tan , o-lUl... hn, 􃉋f(""'tll\8-,,, ...,n,,.11t tn .-ov..t\ ,_,.􃉌 "'1 ... ,. "'1,t\ •􃉍ut11 '-"'' dut

)h!k• 11,ur" "•eh .1tf't."t"-Y &ro,Jp ko • ••-t\\it. '-"\ t.►1 􃉎 \J\ot cti•r "-"• hvci

•l􃉏ut􃉐• or •o in 1tftnicy croup•. ttt,n ,.n ,o,􃉑(b•􃉒 • •􃉓 ,􃉔un.cll. q\yo
1 Um-, U•tt o.l 10 or U ■Lnutu for 􃉕• tMtrdu (-t"• "ro,..._ dotilotot. 1'.tv•

to bo GOIW()lote to O.!Jl tllo roll ti.,.» t'he.n 1h t:n t,va.l.un.ton. Y®. wt1 trant

to 111111n 101nc. rolu for-poople to a&'tc. it 'IIOO d.Uttcult (o.a., 'ih􃉖pn i.o

••vtr11l poopt• th•t th4y -Cul UTOIUJb' t'h,tt. c:'h•Y l'\H'4. to a-t Owt of au tnCl

v11n1. tho Vho h &fOO'P􃉗 to.,'Eit􃉘 oG.£.•

A. UhWCr􃉙f ' OiGblo.

In 1-,.6 PC&'! announoe.d ,pl!-taf to 􃉚tt! t"'°° t.r,,,.. (t}.ird'lticott-y-i:c:neodar untcaa


lot $)SO mll Uon, co b..t;, 11!on llnso' by '13. la ltacl\ • bl!Uion hae b tt


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􃉛• t e 􃉜o,g􃅻 uu1t. 􃇞;, •􃉝e serto.o• dabbQ •bo􃉞􃅺
•Atuy1 cort,:etc. • v:1.sb to lose tu tnyeu:

169 •.ntl

Shell Oil geologists Ho$ • aod Grt th sutve.yec! ffle ocoon 􃉟􃉠

tnund Cahe foult. lJSGS atd an!L uti on t.a '7l a%td n..1.:tunced It ti\ '13.

Ot, Clarence Hali􃉡 􃆪e􃇵d of t􃉢e Ceo y Dept 􃉣t UCl.A, 'Mal 􃉤••ion􃉥 by Ult

USCS f"ar thi• •c-udy.

Hosgri 1􀁇 & •aJor octiv􀁈 􃉨1th the Sa-a: Siae.c'r'I f.tu\:: fll\d' ron6


p,􀁉allel to the Son A"dre􀁊$

Covet-up: • 1 6 hit 's u.lucu..,«. to
deay eo opcnC-i.ng lt.c• cl.l os tnvalVed


•􃉦d the sev􃆴􃉧ei mpaet _ ...auld b.:lve lu: btdust:-v.• The

hif'd to get' c e ts nt!Jaatlpn o r. trfc:d t.a !nst"ltute.

..an 11intulii1 iic!enose

tltl1 Mt•lf'!.!..(14 tot h110, ttittPVOllOO &lneo fTJ wOll th& hw &♦f ,;,
liiil., in t\1• ,11,.tt h: u t •
1"􁌌tott¥􁌍 t/1 •1,1 l4•0f,"􁌎 111♦tt\n'J\• frOll'I tht pLMH!'t o..io&1nS"!Jy,ittffl 1,tt\11◄
tltl1 Mt•lf'!.!..(14 tot h110, ttittPVOllOO &lneo fTJ wOll th& hw &♦f ,;,
liiil., in t\1• ,11,.tt h: u t •
1"􁌌tott¥􁌍 t/1 •1,1 l4•0f,"􁌎 111♦tt\n'J\• frOll'I tht pLMH!'t o..io&1nS"!Jy,ittffl 1,tt\11◄
th('HO!\dt c,f j!1ijJ(.)1,IHh


lfh•ro. hlv• b••n two hra, 1dllo c1Vll •U.tdb.o4tonet Ht'Lon,i ,p,uuorcdAtlJtlJ'Nk.l􁌏,:,,u l!
b:, tih1t Ati,)u"•
6ll1anor On• on ,\us. 1, U>17 ,md on• 011 AU1. f> n:n6 1, 1!'70, ·n.
tlt'llt, Afll9nt MIIIUP .-thto111h t1or,viol-.ina,1 luinlntS. fonil.d 11ltlt\tc,y 1ro.u(J1. tutd ,,n..t

b) 4 t,01\\>-..lo lent cOdo ola081pl11(i
'Tl\t Unt 11ot..1oo••son11l.le.e.d o.t 􁌐1 pooplo1 • IUJocU:y b•o,a Sen t.1.tii,1 OM1ro 0'011nty.

􁌑ho 4TUtibed ov1r two, uu .or \,11.-
ibud...-wtro hneu onto the, blabl9C11nyon t:>hnt ,tu.
ko,"cnJ11UJ, 2: O ,u,pla nutio:...t nud tt, A rarly .u l)eArby Avih hllcih. flactfflu
v•t-.1'!4 ;lhQUt.. A m!o u}te ni,. r.ow,i • t,e ian·t mut tH111e.. Al'HIC't.d ;tuir II wnn.t.n1

"1 ·t11Hctt .lo dot-01 • . o.ec w•nt fl:h:h lfo119.fi. bu_t -at rio.;,!i,()U"•

t,-tw,A•t.o n • r '-'f1 j 1i,y e1'rffl,11 t110n et 􁌒11h. inli 01Jt11Al1)'lt0Pll!•J'-\

s,utt:lttg lumih:ufr􁌙cm bJH!.llOlitt. lJif!7iJ11,.'1t􁌓n jliibtm􁌔

Occuμl1tT1t -W8H '-'!k-.m lo thw &t.n <ot1nt7 jd1 "ha• tbcty w«t'C b<>oll..u'!+ arntanc.4.

ltirtd. Toloutd lt1h. th■t nlcht on pa.raond rftao1n.Lci1no• •.tcJ"t"'1ndnlC q11Htcbntd••pn-•t:41ly. -.Uniaif •voryuu1 01'. i:61Qir1¥ JflOua. h ttil'L ••dtLTg crbl b,ic.1111•
of ii fflOtton fUad to drirala.. chAt'.p,u1 o!tlt na frnr,, th• di.Aonvu, d)AC. .t.i.o ·poha•
tnfor;,u11n ht16 Joined the oo.c:.upntion.

AliftUEl.t I! 11rd 7I!l018


1.Ut Ml a-t t'horo Win> l,8"1 occ:i.1p\_ec-a t\n!l hlnC1lcader• -ten tt111.et1 ttJe nuClbter frot11


t.he· , 0J1,e C'A y ---e f:!,efl'b􁌖t!C(it;

t)t:C:v1.ou• yoat.. ,ry dnw 􁌕OD0O neopl c. to -1!

muti.c, spooebas, aoJ .\'.J􀂨-altemnt"ivf e.flll!!􁌗(tY foh·. Pccuplcu 41nd blqol\Jdou1

l divided them.se I-yea inU> 1\,nve111 ,of •ovo cc:r
oral o,f(tn4 cy xr.oupt1 ncco to-llh• th1.7

•)h!'l™"d i-.o do: bJool\--111􁋢 tt\.._ front. isn o on l,'f o.ornln1 wotkou tr.om
lrouto• ovur tho Und􁌙i onfo (
cr,ur e
n(c.rlnc: tltt plrtn􁌘; IO ln J;j 11an, ukina th" araet\pe-ac:,e. bOAt; or the one ofNi};


􁌚t tic􁌛 ,u61C. Moat people took the l􁌜ctel'

ac;tion " m11u:
dab V1th them to tnn1 oc:s tlie &lU l.n ll'lc4' tJ1y, io"\ua1nt

phnUn., 1oeaa. e-reot1ng II wtnd1an1. ct<:. ,c1v11 ill"ob1•dh.nc, 'wnvot l'l􁌝,t•n Sundey

morn1.D)I .en􁌞 luud until Momlty i:or.n1ng,-

PoH.􁌟, outt h•ll􁌠opU:-. to apoc-occupiers!>-41nd .grc,vp» 'f4:!rc 1tnutC!d dht they


h•d htiea 11eve-i-o11l :ntles onto the p1.. nt dh or bloc1'.t1{lod. .tho rond. Aftor 1Jt11n1
ottt!Hed, people "er-!' bat1Ji:.u,f-f.e􁌡 ""6 buned ro Om;p C'uuts. 􁌢n Stll county bc!llt»,.
􁌣h•ee t􁌤􁌥f 􁌦ere hoo􁌧e:d «nd septrocoa lnto two lATge room-by eex.

Condlttoo.u ver-e-c;rf\wylnel1 but....aml tetutfy, buc tl\o _gua,•d11 were-qulte -S)'l"1p11thittic Al\d
.e•oph "1au let' out. to exerd.te hhly often. 􁌨en• Uo,111 r-ao hi*,, and ruroota:

abounded. (See ccpl"l\B wtt'h JA11 41Ac-fton.) Af-tt:-the alitbocltl'es. qfferiedc1t•tiun,!1
about h•lf the-peoph chou to 0c.ite ou-r:1
• ::n,em.1.og they we.-re. free togtt 1tfte!

ti papct· ag,eclng ta' e,
ppear ln cou-rt hter._ 'O,e r-em.,h411g: "-1!! ttc,yed t􁌩
make a'ure. th.at: t!ley tiad t 􁌪ss ;irr-4-igffl!IMat ,o tle!ot: \oo.111 ,.oUVlttt 11nd Pti111Pt1.
o􁌫g,a.nhera wou1.d'n1 t: sot t«Ptrot.o ehArgo1. 'rhlt .srouo 1uycl1 ln J•U nnd wn.,
1.r'J"atgrv,!d an 􁌬,. (ou􁌭t.h day.

The l.e-1.al _.11ftem111th of the ncc1on h,!li>n"' And ari,!O􁌮tii.L-

u been v􁋢 fl" om out.

Waa tea_thed' to o ge a t11;1a, tr a ..!Ut \ilhen thh {in• not t-l'"af\ted. tl'uHte WA!i


.s -reprd'eot-attve t;r-4-81 Df fCiedty people \mo t:dd to get n1.15]c8-pOHe-on t:tHl.
Expt·rt te"it.imeny 11;:is not dlowd bL-ftidge: C".arter, and the Jury waa glv•n ttsU't..
in1b\ac.don1 to iil,106 thiit Vcifdiet tolely Ori .tnfonn.i.tion regaTdtng the t"r:cll!pnu
choTgec. Th􁋢 twenty ve:"'t'•e. found £Uilt.y, -.nd an now eppcalln& thetr coac. Tbe,



,ippul Vilt a<i to th• ■t.tto .1unn11" aourt: ,ind .fl'II.Y t..a1to u.p to two yure. Abo.uc. /"•
roo.,lo h􀅔v• ot.t11ahod t1,.,r: ttttM..t ,o \'Ith ANi•...tt.

MA\\Y ljwn(l1,♦ w11i:• .irn,Q,.-Y1Uhl thAC. I.he Jhdlrt.lt oo•u VAi 1HAAt1'ln.0, our Md dntritn,11
m􀜀n 4.fltV.t.ileAl'ld. i;riAI. 1'-f0h11Uo,, i,T1\\10. ..,,.1y l' • .e,,101. 1.1\tlt •OHYhitt. 1th,


Arhiflt IHUt Wb'ft.-AL O d., .. 􀜁'I\ JoH f1H> f11W ""''\111)16 􀜂It •• ,u) tn• l)t!(!1}fl1 L•A

oap•u ilff ,,tu•lfl.A-t; 11t1f, $i100 1 u􀜃. ·r•.,M)''"'e,t\f,i• .Jhm1Jh a,,.&.dl!lil •u vt11d

11(1(t 1'!J (Mflef'l11(tll.-11 ti\ JtJ11 ,11)., II\) ttt .U,.(1lAIJ 1;.
le••twlV'N; ''-If "-)J-fhtl 􀜄I) JI)' J,U\

a,,er-􀜅,OI" r,tti•r rtel!tr, AC/A.l'!;ttl 􀜆&te,ttu ur p11t lfm Ile,,,. Ahi.tf '""•,,.􀜇 11•u(t\• Qt1Vf


••'lftf\5 􀜈•ltlht!,,t\.¥, JuJt., t:•J.11(,. IIJ"-c...._, dffflfi-􀜉r tnmtlltY '" thl.t tttv,hut"9 ,mJ


ttl1b11􀜊-,11 b.l•tt tel)f"''1c,. t􀜋t.( 1'",,)'& In J' t0'1 t300 f!1.M•􀜌:t_ Jm,\"flllfO\., 􀜍l lf'lh pt\lM •


IIYltfl'" ion rauu\• hl'lvlf, .,ro11 .. 􀜎p Jill\ •• • ..,1 •• t lf\•h 4ct·Ltuh ftu 111)• f'l#II 1JM1ll\

U'I• .ft\\••

l,.ut a11u .. 1t1 bAlooo At un􀜏• 1tctf'ltt14 mA\.AIA(j1

till L1 i7iTtda •.A, r,ttt pa ,,, ,,. c:.k tI t •

1,1tljfl􀜐 m,'1t:111i;,\i..,

\'ti t Ltll.U. l.lffOnMAtION

Bt'phtn to the v·oup du,t thi-• h •11 'JCH of arnae an-.:U.t,y lot 111,Mt\j v•crpl.... tt 􀜑.


n..atur,1 t(, feet ti 􀜒.ot oi tendb"a Q.ft t.hJ• D\ibJacc., part.i<u1.ae\.y tl you lie-ye ,,eyi,Tb'e" ar:,-@bed b(ttu;ee,. Wheq p􀜓ol'h ore feeH.ng llf\rlou•• 'thf;Tl!I h , t.t.1e1101,􀅓.7 to


"" .vm tnvolyed it,i dt(QU •• illlUl •ho t,O c-elr un .,.,._per«"e. t.cti ijVG"f.MO Wv
Chit you "1U •x.pt11·1.n tha toa•l ptoco.111 •tor by,. .ttc.p, •tid ttvlt )'0\1 YllL ISlvCI thtlll
•• •􀅔ny nn1woi-• u yov \no􀜔. At\t th1111ft to follow alo"CJ in th.-iT Diuct t\c:t:lon
R•ndbook 10 thoy cAn rot•r to lt lMter U nc􀅕•91ery. 'Thoro 1A • tegAI Golloc-ttvo
t:h•t c:,in an■wor 1poaUlc lagol queetton,. h ta b•n co 1.imtt cha dhauuton Ahd
quuelon.t an thi• itftrt, and to let. peopte «XJtNH (hair an􀜕ht.lea -in aaAll aroup,.
-rather thnn pt vet')( t􀁶nae 1n th, l•ra􀅕 groHl) imd hAve q1,c.atton1 d't"AA nut. 1.,t!t
peopl􀜖 knw that no m1Jttet-vt\At. the loe,aUtil,ut of t.,bt! •ltuJ!ltton an. thtt po:


u􀜗idd in out baod8•􀜘Parti;cd,1a•t'ly with lat I!. T'CWp!I ,of pegpJe.. •t:.tin • 􀜙 c.in 􀜚ert substonthl TI!Hur• op Qle e .item. o matte.r -.th•t ha c..n•

bodl,e,, we an IIUr n •lll!J-tiuMt. • 1ntel ec.tua free

1rhcy 􀜛n ,oc up out' boditl.W but thuy· GMnnot muc o our c.


8. Logat History
""lt woul.d be helpful tn h.1ve a put oc:c:lt'piu-( oc 1tomco'ne \mo waa there) 􀜜lYl

At9,uu.Y, 1977


-41 a-c:reet.cd; c:·ouncy tr.es􀜝aoa or.t(..qince/lll.h-dellle-Anor. z tnfol"lllanu -r&l.t!rU􀁶a

􀁈t pt􀁶aded $Uilty OJ' no ,eonutr: (rfn
lo con􀜞cnttc«') ... ll'lntenced &/􀜟 -co .S day
,1at.l PLUS 􀀃soo Une. and ODO 1eor pt"Obot:ton

􀜠9 pleode..d not: g􀜡Slty ---we-re: tried & found _g-utlcy in a nonjur-9 tri11l
--vti.ntea.c.ed t.o S deya Jail PUJS $500 flne and' iJ..8 􀜢o,rlt:he pr-o

-•'!.xe.c:utSion of .aU lf@nt.enc.es has-bee,n lit.o_)'e.d p􀁶ndi'nl •PP.H1.I tQ tht! CA, SuprtCtC Cotlt't

••All othcn a'Te •wnl\in􀜣 􀜤rlAl. eendlng the St•te 􀜥vpromoe.0.burt dcct9t6n.eon t'b..•
motion to di,mlss ohAYGDil, u· ctio lrtf.ont1noU t\.id "betn at J-etal doc.ii ton.• mee.tln&•.


August 6 b 7, 197S


-•Cl,t\7 AC'tt.-ted., ch.-i.·g􀅒d vl.tfl "l cou'nte o.f ttoi,tani-.n:g. tdl􀜦e to 'ditpurae. and cont.eml)C­ot cou,t"t.. (thi-e C:h4tt,ll vaa dropped. 'l1\d .mc1oi: occuptat.l! Wr,o only convU..t􀜧d on one



..ov♦-: 100 re,,ph phd "•no lo oonteindr&" and 'llfffc ,e.noe.􃉩d: or

bad lndtviduAl jury i:ri•l& and _.6nt 'LO j1dt, c.n__glng frw l CD!Ui.l ta S ::1-:,,
-20 1)t.ople had o r•ptont1t.Atha. group tr1A1, 􃉪rre: found 􃉫Ut'J'• ..,. •:-e


..app1>11ltog t·h!elt-0-u•. Abour 100 veQPi. hw• n-u-c.htd cbdr 􃉬 to a. .appaal.

1':»ee-r&ie Cb.ages

c.. ·

---eode (J&Ol: Cd􃉭i..n,11J '1'.rcspau _,. '1afioed •• .a peace-able 'b11t u.a.l.a"lifbl enuy upoo

#J'Ot:hec•_. Ulnd!,. Ill 3-m.:bdsm.μ,t\O!r,. mitXl.t.llUI:: -Sm:tt'..(!.nCe La OtW. i.t, 6 _,nt_b •.tt.tl
,,oo .fl.nt, 􃉮llettl,bas (,.ddt.t:ton.al c􃉯Af'&􃇄,) lnc:ludl! c.􃉰,n.•it" of t:O'frt (lA \ht

O.ltf. "' •n 1n.Junc.tion wbic.b forbid.I tr-,,••••• ot l.nd tll-• otlOJll•). 4.S.ao.du1y
a6flduo.t. u1-lltla1 arro·t ( ln die un. ot none.a.opeuc-J..onJ,
-1)481 l!Hht..in8 J\rt"eJt -i,ae.011,􃇣 􃉱O &O "􃉲., •.nd are 􃉳Ul,f'fl flt •teAltoil "'' fl..􃉴
thll cbHgl: tneA. ont.ence 6 1:10nr.h, i1\ J,.( \ l e,oo !tn11. •

...􃉵f40!h pnla"fur Auubly -t.b.lf ob.atp, vn 1,pi,ltet.4 to Lbics • .en-ul.d •t: Dil..blo
Ocnyon ln 1977. 􃉶••• tentonco: 6 moatht U jAit, fSOO naa.

-.ft82: Cgn•pi.!racy u(to co•lt 4 mildoau.:aor) a 'NtY •u-1AH 􃉷rt.I "-1111 a..ll
ort1,111ntura rllk. 'nli.t .ta • tolony pt1nida.\,l♦ by 2 ... l y.-.ar:, ta Jdl... eJ,,y N


AVJ\icO for toloctiv• arro1t1. 􃉸 t•r bU11 􃉹t bun 􃉺•od.
-11 : ntoak10ft .... Mhd.owunor \llltl\ 111AL 1c.auoo., 6 aontM.. noo.

-•II • Pb•-tJ'Uc.tJng Ju•ttu O btoc.u.n.a • poltc• ot.l:uff r,-...-,!4-mhe ••Y-l

rtaka ••􃉻t􃉼n􃉽• 0£ t 1Mr t􃉠 J􃉾11.


_, f ft.ttttrt ... .......,o...!.,_. t!WO

df/Jned ••!•,,y t,hy1L11tt COflttitll V1ttt • ,-.u ..
OVAL'' f\.tutUOTII Of "voh C'O􃅖Cll(;l-tt H ..a.1,-..,.

h A "'lY f.-,t-.. ,-U.-.•t• ...-1u

J -\ 1••􀀅• 􀁉-J•ll,

..ALI, fl\01't.ll'l'Y 01.-r!UJatrON HAS CU'N lLitltnt'III U • Ul.!m: or ftC


LUAI/Ol rot TIil􃊀 ACTlOH.•

--•,llndar-tho pona1 o:od•• it 11 «1etrtar10ly unu.a»Al tor ac••n,_.. Cw,1:-. aon c:tiAA nA•

111ldomunor ch.u1e t.o ucdve mort'. th􃇄n W• M1Ciam •••tM􃇨• et l n..q..-, U 0111
l'•t,J1Jh\ing chartca alt t'YUtted frO'lll • •􃊁Ale aHion t.y tl1• 11.-niiw l"trH\.d..

4•tod t. )rd tUI• oeb:r.der• c11n .-.ciuvtt h.nake.r h.d1 AW ..!..r.Ac•.. \.-nd'u. (tr.• h-.

•lthn􃊂Rb th􃇦f hAVO nat fto l􃊃c,
-•ktnort •M}' be t't"o•tt.4 diffenatlyi may '!hft 􃊄e th-,.,.lfl't'I w4•1:1 ,tbe Cdtf4 .,U.u-.

ftod tnttitutiona Code. Cbargo• undac t."b,at c􃇈nw tt"I tltil,er 􃊅o c:hP•􃅕 VAl•r 􃅺h•
adult coiltt (e.&, tn,p;iu l.t a f602 Vrtdcr t\􃊆 tlrt\ftp 111.J llll􃊇U..t.l,c,u CCMlt),
W•t: ye-,r. 􃊈h•t"Jtt wiut. itro1,1p"4 for 111 1'11.itun.

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offoruro.11 but. they do rhk be1na df.llc1pUn•d tor T'tolA􃇖1on1 pf" dM .)lU c.odu4

..,..lnjunc:tlon.a con be-elthC!r dv..tl o·r crtcLnal tn 1u1tun,. Y'tah..::t• of •ltl'itr: typa
Te&ults ln a contemp!t of court chargt--cavU Vlft\aUO"C)oa •no ?Mflhhe'bh _., S 4111•

in jatl 6 c:

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•PoulbLUe:y of &Ue.!c.tlvt,; aticse--fo-r •1;1,1 a:nd all, but prnb\\,Jy W Afft-,􃊉•n•


":bmLHat'' organi.zer-5.


-Poea--tbtltty of ab.ore de.te.􃊊tfon ;_!chJu, tt..htn tr. vuj_au;s 􃊋􃊌ftunr p,olntt.

IT'S lMPOR7AII! TO -fR THAT '!'HE RSSPONS.!Ul.t!Y ASSU>iZD l!'I 11.,,,'1:;Nor..; ,nESt<·'T

f'l!D AT. ?!IE PLANT GATE; '?11eR£ 1s ,1i, IMPOllJ.l<r TIME a»on-:iv.%92'1,


v-i,. Thit. ..,arntns􃊍 polic* oNt.c to lfillV\ Lit.st ,o-ppoT'tu-nlt.1 w opt oot... 􃊎lde:!c.'ha1.­ldt'h man ar-re:.t..e. tt's oft:tln hai:-d co g,et e\&.1.y e-'1e,n_ at tiU:• poln􃊏

2. thie $TTnat: ueve.rat option.!: ,(up c.o die .tnai.Wuei. kt affiniey gt'(l'dp• 1Mut4

kt\ov 􃊐o!.a dot"i 􃇧h:tc_:)!

r1. WaU.tn,g with oJUee!r in G"ftort t.;0 <Ol:Plllc...-t.o V'tdl 􃊑la/M'r

111 tlonc::oot,O"t'􃊒tion (go1ns liaJJ): ,cc::e fe.el they have􃊓 to che •:.u by st't'Ong
coasciooa vlll aad Uon't le.ave. by ?tie1-:-ovn yoUt'oa, p,eig:ptt. .1,'hould


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ncf.tc􃅓 Q:oU'lg Uq, ---relax coao;ahte:ly. If ti COlJ b lmril.Jt\t ¥""'.l• l•t
b1tll/f'let-know. 1\a:nioli tl'tern you tt't: o puson, r,JJT6: Addlt.tonfl GhfftSJtl
ca&f be added .fitr goiug 1t..mp. ttf-!:d.Hc.•lly ruelettng •r-catt (rvybt
obsbro􃆙tin􃊔 publLc a􃊕rv􃊖􃊗t).


-lhe7 •tc TIOt T•􃊘vltcd to read you you􃊙 Miranda rlghta unt••• thq
qu.,tion you. YOU IIAV& THE!RICll! TO IU!MAIN Sl􃊚INT.


3. Bo,okingt n•me Gddn.u!, soe.b1 tecurity I, poadbh tsOA't'ch (Rt,Qy b11 photoU-AphAd1
f1n1uprit\te4,). To •void cont􃊛t of c.ourt, you HtJST 1tve: your TIAC#t. ltie. u,-·c
h up to you. NoncioopOYAtoro (not 11tvtn1 even naa.) t-J.llk incl'u1td hu,h••
•􃅓p. •t •he Jdt.. CONSIDER 'l'llB Y.fl'tet Ot 'IOl!ll •ACTIONS ON TIIF. WROlg <ll!lllil>,
-•lf!-you A􃊜e􃉠't baok􃆙d, tt ta N07 o lt&al an•At.
lu Arutgmnc.nr;e VNlt. <1cc11r trtirhin l2 '1our:•r 1'utt>OO 'a 􃊝oU• • pt,􃊞 .bd􃊟)O a

judge. Y<'Jut ar• •nt-lthd tO hg•t counul. llou,

gi'1l1tyt tcnu,n·c#I& JanHhtf'ly 'illt_hc.ut tdal ..

110 contont-(oolo c,qnu.·m1ct)i you do oot contHt r.tie, cl\AtA••• hllf􃊠 􃊡nno'c
t1e,,eenel'ily ft1&l j(l\1 He gl.tllt:y. Collrt efltU,r, AU1hy 1,1􃊢•t

rot gutlty:. l111tt< ,.,.t tor. t-rhl .tn :,.fa􃊣elp,t coUt't.

crc11ttve pie.pf 11t l)lt;,!for t.1:\e l􃊤te af m1 c]UlhC-n􃊥'. 0t rh􃇆 fut th" \.n•Vh•1

oti thci ·w􃊦rt1f, tf:8Ul!ert6 .a.-n9t guilt)'..

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arob11bly 111oro.

tlul 141idAdt.y -•Akin, a coaLt:.i•nt thct no 01\1 wtn ACC.•IU bdl,or OoL

\mhu &lL ,art'ntod •)A 11lv111n 0.1\. ..,ht, 11 Ohf W")' t"O fl'OUO.C" our..tdVfll

ttom tht A,tl\orlt.tH• ttta1pc to 41vl4• •no a.cmquu·,


Odoi. -· r,1·n,dt'1! r.o ttt\,rn 8A At'4Q.t•d1 td\UJ'.. 4l) tA ,.,... -.". 0)) )'n\rruH

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t,. tt'.h!u rt4t1uu M t11i,1u.-,u111 tofhltot'• ut liuttl􃊩 1,,1,1; In!•••• ur C,,1l1 tt1lhUh

on you tnd futt1tsdlry of 􃇳roup, ALl:IO n•􃊪h• ltl I l1111ntt -.,uuntt lt,r yacur nmt..
-rrobtbly vJtl 1,,-lo 8..J'OUPll bofore Judt;o or Jvrr ii you dlt tor J t,
-.Judiso cain 11!"11t u.rfocu to uu thll courtroOfll lo 1,ut 11t1ft.o on trhJ ..,t.lh

w,tpUt tutlmony, 11nd did thi• ln. *78.

1.. .!i'11t$QDCb'fU lf 1uJlty or 110 concut plH, .ao.nuuaitt¥ o􃊫cun ,t. '""''lllffl•nt􃊬
u aonvlaud at trbl and. IIO AI.TCRNAT!vt StllYICtt miaco,.

·•Sl\0\1ld h111ve, an OPflOltuntty ta Ml<• II brht tttuau.,t. n., ••• --YOhJ otana.


to 1111\ta A -At•tn.annt •bout llhy )A)u lti,O'lt co JA1l, r.11101'1 11 copy t.h 1.ott.r loc.-1


a. 􃊰: s1,1\ Coorir) 􃊱11•\. Litt rll'IG)tt, lt.11,11-1:hu vf\l b􃆉 vl►....1 .. ,ltlot􃊲 HAit••
coi,.l.nu witl\ J1t.lt ,1.cct,.m.
E. Our Poutbi U t.toa [or k.apon,e

Our t£1!Ht-1g,.th lh.1 Ln our 4o-lidadty• .'th• AUtht>ttn,oa knw tl\llt, An4 wttl \iH eve:;y
􀀇o'Utb1.. moat to •pl.it t1e up._Ee t!1J1lt,t ).I.a: doutlt 􃊳Ocfi oot1>􃅕t • to give!eoil!Me' 􃊴􃊵pte


1tttUhr: pcnalt'J.ot t:􃊶" oth􃊷u, ate. lf ve stic"k. tog􃊸thur.. vc vltt ,be. -,l􃊹h to

exert tro.mcin4ou1 9.!on •z•􃊺!l'!O <to be agll!t. up,

n1•uro t.:hc. (t!il°"'􀀬 v.liov our9dvets ·!

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\t'II wlll be traoEd a, l<>ne ind.t.vSdu• ,. Tt:io courtIii PAWU" 􀂩& ln li:a ower tc


1nt1ffl1d11ote. 1.f we ufun to ba tnH11ldaoted, \le hgye Ult: pm rand tbe( don't,

t.a!lt Augu1t 11e were. spUt up whe.n aooie people "c.tt-6 out". W• vcr-e f,
the lopger. we voived tlme afte.!r· the actlO'I\, :tnd difhrent tqat routa..,tt.r. ta-kin.
Not ovu-yone vfll be. ablt ta do or ·to ,1grec to do the-•11-me. thlng·, and H h
imporotant for indivlduah to get s-uppo-r,
t if the,-•tton.aly f􃊻d the need t:o
n·oncoopeute, to pott. ball, etc .. lio'-"t-Ve.T, thh 1hould be babn,ce.d!ago1nH 'how lt'.

Affect« th􃅖 􃅨roup. &ven lf 9, c:J\ooee d􃊼ffe.ceoc l•A•l •U•􃅺Aaiea, lt ft lmpoTU􃊽t
to &tick toge.the, 1n: 11.s lerge 4 grou.p •.s poHiblt, (•••• a jtity tdnl &tl>liP• •


to ,onundtt. o.r
to ,onundtt. o.r
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no Oa11, Ao lliu1

t..»t Av􁌯•t, Al,,itJepe pohc:., "'•• to eoe.au..:-qe 􁌰le: 􁌱ot to post 􁌲A.ti or co 1Ujflno.ir... 5nl:lnth1t,y t;"Lt -pollc, cnt\ll"U dMt .,. •􁌳 not. buy1.ng i.nt:o the. sye-te.lll or­perpnuatln.g it with ouc 9'!00t'.)', Vntu• tbc ..ftat,c,:;,ide. blocl;.ade eomm.1c.cee dectdea
otborvi1e, thl1 pol1cy "1.11 bold tru.. tot dl:.tJ YLU. 1110_


l.111.t y«n', poltoy 'f4t oo c:LUUON. 1>d• __,t 􁌴 tt1,n1a1 tlt.AtU,nt 􁌵htm "e­

ware Jnutcd, thut tul.nlitU.IJ\8 evr c...'llcc:t... 􁌶 * h5d ,yet.,t"l. Ot Wl'Uld

bo \lko 10.ttja1 • tT1Lfi.lc tla'bl.) Ulla!-.,,, IN dunged tor tMe y.i.ar'• t.􁌷Uun

{t 1, ll docidld to mcoutAIO people 't.O dp cLtAtion.1 •nd thtn ao bACk to th•

a-ice. a1otn.


lt • vOry l"t'Olilli!Oll tM &.tflr.ilCJ IJ,-wft• lo 1-ttit.t ,._,,u•att,U t1Uh81 t􁌸nJ C:htt

tlt􁌹tl111.'1Jn('I "' taftltng, ttrt•H .\\lk•Jtll ., '1Wlt')' ....􁌺,t. ,,u ., ...:r ""''"\Ut(l'I t!Ut. l,y 􁌻M

h!11th t>f UM 'l""u un th, i,,11:i i,ruu-.1•-tlet􁌼 '" l•••' ,vu\i\.u !J.1.4!4tlln􁌽• f11/l '"


court. Ot:h..-·t felt lhtl U\11 ,ueu\mt lh.y '\N111ie-d IJl7 ,ci,ln1 O,f"ouatl tf\lf i,,•t'leeh 111/t_d ..

H wotlhwhJ.ltt. 'thvulote ,tltnlt.y 1rovCtt •hwl.f cett1•illu t.vo uln Uml.J1; opUon,:

A) Not wdvJ.111 ttM. 1'1o•d. t\O lo CCN\Ctndr• ,M l(!COpt th# CIO"Hq\ltntH of
oor ,i(ltion• et dlt for • JuTY tr.t.-l wl...tt\1n W lj,S day t.
"'1t Uah. Uthn w•J
wo 'VJU b• obt􁌾 to 1cc 1n •oli4tricy Ut ,tpltiuar nwmbo,re •nd Jtt th• con••quano••

ot our nctJon ov•r 100n.

fl) Waiv􁋢 ·chae.. 'It you t>l•o to gel to u-Ul .am o••d •4'1·u.t,on•1 tt11i. t.o. b1tn1
u·􁌿 U-'1l•gt'epa?'ed ar1.mn•nU ,ind ltne up fOtaibt. up•n "tt.n,ut• vtth rw oihhoutr
l1􁍀•l vnunael, tbl& M􁌜j h• • g(,Od 􁍁ptlon ,􁍂, tfl'II•


thirr, 􁍃,, A etron1 t••Ltnt troa •nn.rAb•lctU •t tJoi• M•Tch c.oat.nuoo t􁍄nt tho
Ab• Lon• .,,ou14 not tAl<.f '1n.tnd.. d l'tpona..l"lU..tF tee tbt l•1d dU'tVl.lth ot th•
:.etion•-o .u. no.t ht:ro hvytn, becauae .􁍅 ... tUM1 lll'e. ne.ed&d !or other-Ah\one
IIC.thltlol. lt tt11■ 11 d.u-1ded by 'tl\e •'t-4􁍆Wt -W.oc1'•4e cO!'.lrnt.ttu. pe.oplt "1'10
WAl\t 􁋾 Jury t1'hl with l.e11) c-oUl'\Gcl .dtool.d b.: pc:♦9,u..d to .. , .... ,llOUII;)' t.h􁋴a11an
don.nlon1, bet1eUt1, 4!!􁍇,. C!O covet-t:hcH 1..-g.t 􁍈􁍉n6et • .A 1egal collecllYat

will 'bo Aft Up ilhich vUl 'bt !ft contact .,;l,t:h 􁍊" -..ho c:u,-vant to dQftot.e their­•ervicea. It wrould be good to do!•• _,c.a; t...,;•ltlna D•fono L􁍋• Actlon 􁍌•

l.<8st yhr's hJfl ffcpmses t,o date for tN 􁍍lAl •I tri •nd • m.t.mb􁍎r of tn.dlvid1.1o'L
rrlets 1\aVe coat t:bit-AbaloJ}e •bout $U,(l(t0. v.i􁍏 atny t\ouo ot 1•1•1 counJ&l donot'&d..
'rt\c 011p,ee\ cf the ens ol tb• t.rial of 2.0 :» • Mp.«t'" coort ti,Ul co•.t •bouc-iU,000.

Many pcoplec who npresented <hemnlvc1 lo􁌂 y,,:ar .ed eh:he􁋴 pt􁍐 no
wnet to trt.l felt it WH • very 􁍑e"---r't.lc •􁍒ri.eaot. 'Th•r􁍓 &t-,r, no

ao11n-co the Ab.Alone or to the iol!tndcal_. ,..t:.o bk th4 -=-.tb􁍔,.


''Soltdarl􁍕 -t..s .a.n internal OOl:!!l:alt:ml!ttt.. :md force wlc.ht.n uch of u.a and ac.oog ue ••
a group. lt lt ou􁋴 co191L􁍖t co Ofte iUlOt􁍗•􁋴 «ad to our c('IIIQ,Qa c4u􁍘e; it te o􁍙r
dedication to suppo:t one. .another a.r.d. pur■u:it. our 4:0IDOD goal,-􁋞 the but of 􁍚r
,b1Ht1es; sol.14artty c.anoo,t. b1; <bro􁍛e.n b:, cou-rc., Jdl.t or -1n.y qther f:􁍜te.nu


􁍝orce.1. «.r we. hold fur to it. ""It iJ oun.'"' --Seab?'ook 178 manu.et.




ill C!ll'I§ wrttt JAIL

l'ry H' 1H'"" •'""•"11• "' .. 1:4 hA.t bnn ltt J•U tteJc,w ,.,..-..., "L• •HUNh I.A_.,.
.ru"-'9 f(lr v11uplft ,. 11h".r-. '"'""''rteve,n lf Ll'tO)' t•evf1, .. l•t\ -,.,u-. 􃊾,. nU.\l'•



1uocy ttuff •l1nlfl Jdl wtU be lu tll.t Olcpl _.,um, 􃊿•-l lo,!&locWH•,

A• n.unt:ionod ir, th«: 10111 atct.1on, 1M vUl ptoN'bl)' 􃋀ii IDIM U•t LI'\ JAU 􃋁dan


v• •rt ,UrA-S1nod. lllliW! u O<>TIViCUd. 􃋂•n 􃋃t.!. -co.ap1!• ot .._._. to 15VttAC 􀀏,u

tn jAil. Oon;' t •x,,.oc-C:hat -..uu,. :,O\J tiltd • •pHtCi.c .,.... " lOl f>t-Ut:lAA rflll , ••

,·0·􃋄1 WU) b􃅓 tktllpt'-.d. l'Wia ■utOr11'1, tlut 4CJ11.wqvtM1:J. JAU ..u.,n .JUl.tf.:ft"t"

oeOp\• fn altf4\'rOl\t. w,y,. h u, b• liwrt&.:bi,a!Dt' -, k o.t.
" ••.,.,.oaha on 1our

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Atr-tcu􃋅. tou et OtH .!jW .,u &.􃋇nll􃋈t


, Jo::!"!1"!0 §!• !!-Pitll&i,


o.bttr,rf t!􃋆!l 􃊆Ve 􃋉 u.iu-ol 􃋊 .... , 1•111, i,􃋋11.uJJ

,!,\, 1 h•'1•i'""T'lilTYfliitt • It


•ttY'honm-u!Jt.. '"' )'))\) IJtH ht A1'b t• UII your ti,,.,. •• 􃋌 4e.Oii1111 •1J, ,-_," 􃋍IO


"'"'' '°'" (OU6H(Otc t.h:'J(l-1•· h h 1'111.!Latt .. ,1.., • .....!. , ........ Tt:Y tQ "4U


to uthec:s vbo have bllii l'fi jdl tu,fonf

Thhtt Are OO'llle thiflgt 10\1 c•n pbn t(l do t,.u,o􃋎 7'a.l ... ta 1....-1101 ...... ynuc

Hftt ft l!ot -.:othr 011c• j'bu •T• tberel. •> f"A\i..t •ur .tr-a: •re h􃋏 : u

of. 􃋐􃋑0) -read ·booke about 1411 Pi?Ufepc b nb•n --.d"f• C.tt..tJM!M,trHp
IMfnor te.tnis. t>uraiA.1 D•Y• ■«'.,cS dcc􃋒e;,tn ha: •.....nS!SK-􃋓 !'P:lP ,deb
o!Mr­prhogu􃋔•, t.ni,,t.. tJ'i• 1uud1 •• pooplo!1 4) ••t • ml. 􃋕••U<•·•· •o ..,'I\)'
boob to r••4.-hcua c::o otrltQ}. t.>o'II. •C tii•-nl-r«fit Un'dbook N􃋖


on JAU..

􃋗lffllbOt t·h• ·d,e. 1flWet tdtAt.1' 'Wlt.􃋘 u• •flL v.ltlt our cmai n 111d.!
to oyt c1us1t, Cotng ta jail-may e a v.r.􃋙 poe .,._ sc._.ac􃋚u.t.!--·acec.ptlux-tM


cotiuquet1􃅕1u o.f Q.Ut ICtEou 11nd co..,t:.Iaui&k Ip.it .ttLnaoee. t.lJ tu;lttt 1oall• J􃇆U.


p ..J.•!1 .QU
pt'0USt. cl\4t • a..tco--o! tnju.-ti!e-t.-, po-v•rt-y. U,Clltlll,

p 11t on, 􃊆 c. •a. ave.
o.prcaec,t tbd..r oppo,.1Uoa Ul •:
􃋛t d..U'..tt...r.mit v.o.r•,

but wo •hould not ••• oucutvow •• ''1ood uUlbah!'" ... c,«a u ''b•d cd&lnffl."

Th• Ablllono AlUano:c l'l,)' do "pr•pJir.A.tlon tor ,a111t •􃋜• tor inc•r--A.:414 '"'o-pt.,



a·rur t.h• ac tlon,

A• • constrquence of lut ""-A:Uflt'• arro.tt1!1 P•o􃋝􃋞e. c:q>.rLe.nc•a 􃋟n hty dt.Uer-ent

J•􃊣l o􃋠orienc6•. At c􃋡mp Coctta t'.here v􃆴r􃅕 497 p•O.Jt-i• Jvced together in tvc
room&, •leeping-t"vo or t;bree to e mat.tress Ott tbt.-YIQ!a􃋢t•s •ld<\, oit1-• l.itt;lc-􃋣oT•

{ s,psec on tbe me.n's aide. Croup dyqamic• twng free Ytt.¥7 􃋤•rt\i\ d.qtn1 and. good
per•o"•l fharlog to gTeat {rv•ttatlou 􃋥, peoplt trtfd to deoal 􃋦ttb 􃋧r• «nd dec.o1•
doo!iaalttng proc;eu. Wb.\.n people-tr fed c.,o m.ut br :s 􃋨 group, the proceu


often broke do\.ln compte.c.el_y because. teaalo:ns ,.,􃅕re H> hip. lt -..-it11 Mt unt,U occup1•-u
re-fon:,ed dftni,t'Y groups-th,1t had bgen •􃋩Ut. ·up a.l:.;:.,,s. 􃋪 line• tbac •om orod.er
retuorned to the group and deci11io􃉦a \/ere a.de Gate 1:-l-fily. "l:lmor• aDouoded aod tiu
vith support people outa-1.da Ware ah,oat nil bec•uu 􃋫 􃋬e-not. allCNed to vift,t".
an'tl .phone cl,\h WIU-6 lli=U.ed1 Coru.equeatl._:y t.ht. ,rJy 􃋭 ,of i.nfot:'j'll4J.io􃋮 verc.


(i. hwycu. Ir tut'ned out later dust t:.b.􃆞 La'-'7en tius::stlws 􃋯r􃅕 ;tvttcr1 f"d!l, l.r:t.fot:!


l111.etlon b), the. i.ho!rrlU' a office. 􃋰 .st.T.!t\C,l!c d:ya,.a!-.: «,c:oN"c,d .,,tth 􃋱, l'11vycr,.
l{an!people.. treated .them as -:t􃉢•oluu .,u,d:io􃋲-lt.lts •¥ d:-ca got. AtUS•Y tt chm l(
tbcy did not deW.v􃋳r .U the an,;-wn. 'l'..bi..1$ vu 2et e-.u-=o che la"7eu 01: c.c


the ot:het Abaicoes.,

tf tie-,rre agaln placed in a slmllar d􃋴Uon. tbe:'tt!' are!• tMll)«r ot pn.mud.on"­
ve c􃋵n take to 4Void ?ep6at1'1\g 11\t IG!e mt􃋶rtku:



lf,􁍞fot,11 a.f'Hn.t.ty gro411s 2nd lf tbey.!.ue very $=all.. ::oi::i:-1Ae-􁍟.

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b) Whene,y􁍠 􁍡ov.!,{Sn􁍢 bt&k LJlt.9 afEtnlfj, g:-oup& w d.b.::U•• !dt:1:8 ead sba-::e.
c.) DO not .t:-y ta 111Mt dc-c.b!.ans ln le::gd. r01.1, a. kl!.U totn ...._c_ 's. and 1SR.

a f.P COJUlC to of le • e-•f!i :co􁍣􁍤􁍥 see-t:t􁍦,1

d) Don t. p;t ueuU: b-:t D1 o t.!bq;1t1;-fa1,-a"!!'
e) l.av,eu don1t bAWO, A monPn9lY PD{nfo􁍧UonQI !!£!!::!t:a.􁎁·c... ----·
th•t moat l􁋊wytts htYC b􁍎on c􁍨•tbcJ t.o 􁍩•􁍎P peQple o􁍪t of ja(l. Zlt•rc.A• '-""e Nf'I
decide. to .auy in Jiil u th,:-most·po􁍫􁍬-μu.l rullb\nc.,:-co Dte\to􁍭. lJ•tca :o
whAt tho-l10,ye,r• h•vt to say ani.f then ca·ke JO\ft °"'""'dtt:1..-Lon.
h. -fen.,uu,il Suppot.t.
A ccmnn1Un.A .J•ll 􁍮ertenc.e. ws-report.o.d by wonwn vbo plel "I\O lo· .COl'll:UfJfr'

l.n Jatruory-And d:
-r'Vt4 their ti:t•e. tqa:􁋢chu 1.n th• no «>ua.ty J1U. ,,u1,1,-,o tM:1
wi,re ploced in the .am• call-. the. at.xc-u.n ,'lfOffleA I\Ad ¢t,,d...U • l.ot ot c-onu-ol o•e;:,
the􁍯 􁋾uvlroru,ent 􁍰nd gaVt o,rb ocher e i􁍱t of aopport. 'f'h􁍲J Mt􁍳rlcd Q•t by
talllri..,t f!ac.h other Ufc itoth􁍴 g._vl.pg cech Otberi c:;ftli•􁍵es-aod-d.olog to--<ou::s.l-41tl,.._


11 hc.hnlqv, to git in t:cudri vi. . fe(t!.􁍶1;:S \lilld 4preu th􁍷 L.ater oni1ie,oca:4--

held wo hho • on dtfJ􁍸f)ent toptca of. 1,,t.e'f'est: <atln.a


Ue'l"I􁍺 vt􁍻'h

Chi• .-u. Tftey fouu thor Se,118! •tru􁍹tu.r r

tt.t.trri,. tl::e.





de ••oh day •Ofl!•thlnar to took (o,.,...,􁍼 to􁍽 1.u.'l-a lhe f!'1rr.!:lut nud•􁍾 ff:!.
e􁍿ttona1 release provt.ded b_y counJ6lltl'\5 Y«J,e: '9C!Q' t.Qporbnri.. "'q!• oup Ila,
conttnuad to fflHt t:ogothl't oud i>l•n t1etlo11it Afta-JtU.. «n-4 f·ei!l• •t'I "􁎀oi-ng

C"Ol'llld ttw!!nt to •cch otbe..t.

Based on thP.U eteJ1!􁌙TitiJ\e.·e, thue mcOffllllenJatt.ons ••1 uh. )a:U aore U.nsblc

e) Ploo to •􁎁at􁎂 dtacvefl.oti􁎃 or l􁋖•d a wo􁋁lc:Jhn􁎄 on!• 􁎅pi.e!•ot loUttJr ln
jd 1,
b) Pμto a tl!gu.iar fo:n:, oi. e:u:!"t:i..s.e..,
c) 􁎆􁋢t lo touc.􁎇 with ooc fNliflgs on a -regulat 􀁊o•t••peffla_ps 􁌵lch • f􁎈te::4:.
It 11 n.,.tun t_o eo-1 ..-creu. TT-y to r

d) Gee t-o 􁎉o'f othors ln _your c􁎊JJ on .an ln:..d.!M)th. l«Y􁎊l. lx,ch.o.n•• I.lb


Abalon􁎋s will not ah;eys.. be ptace.d tn the smae.. cell. bu􁌂 ,-0.\l _.,., _.n􁌂 c:c-tr,

tbeae tdeft& wUh otlter. trnnAr-ee.

1: i'V.NS l'OR. SPRIRC ACTIVl.􁎌·
Th􁌥r􁎍 \i.1'lt he. h,:rthe-r deUU.a 4bout loglstlu and£8'JU -i;:􀂪Mt d1 U..e M 􁎎
acttoni. .::omlng IQ ,av i:uloen or lAter 􁎏o AG'1 􁎐;􁍲t:_1:, a. pha.s dl'IYalop !μrib-=:,.
,:heu ore re. ve-l-y DuN-booie "&ketchu of P.hOII for thne .-::.!.t􁎑 t1C. i:1,_Ls polld..


I.rt iiddi,tto" thne 􁎒 ll !le ·f1..1r'O'\e-r bddtns􁎓 _dt, togb:t.Jc.s!,..
,tA􁎔t c:..Jety, contlJt.

v;tin􁎕 phna. c,.,tc. 11\ efot'li th􁎖 bt-oc.k.-deJ be-g1a..

/A. Walnut Creek NRC Action

Within tl'it"f!e bys of the NRr. dt.cOto 􁌀Ant" Dhblo c•-vc-n .an -o􁎗ciifg Uc.,___

(now •tcpec;.tcd abous 􁎘L4•May.) • gro O peo·pl,: .Ul gc, to: thit Nit' !'$gl.GilJ:H

peodQuOtten in Walout CTeelt, ai,._ o Gee the: o d. .al.'!ln cb.u1,-e. U.1..4 .ap·􁋼e.i t:.0


;h􁎙 to tequt!.at thot the. ti'􁎚 t'e e. J)to11blo Coa_yoo t.Ln&.-ltttt􁎛tc., t,:le.􁎜 -.dtl

tl,t=Q be pu;,.1tt!d to wtf)' Ut\f1 'he-􁎝RC uooU'....!' the. op􁎞􁎟t:1."! U:--.•• 􁎠 t.he__)' .......

heard .a tcuthful and 1uaUd c,ey •xplt.netl.ou of ...-1,y Dl.abto thoVld 􁎡. gx_,ntcc! ..a.n

operatln1 lic.enre.. they , uld be pr􁎢􁎣n.a.d to stay 'if',tito :a 4'h11.._




,. Tf they 11r:e allo\Nd to -st.ay, they ••T b1c.. l.I tboy r.tfute r• tu•-t.. U., .UL
prob1bly bee arrest for re.foalng to Juv"e "prlv.Ai::♦ pr@􀅂rc.y.• ho,:: J•LI c!.y11111 •ppeal co Q,overnor Jerry Bro\l'Q to J.nt:en'􀅂A• t.o t:r, to •tJ.1? Db'bli, ;􀜥


golnt Lnt􀅃 operation.

n. LtJnd Rlock.Se at blab1.o.
l.111,• vl ll u,e plaee e'rt the. entcaocu to DuJJilo C)a.ny-on •!eec t2M Uc.en l.t crutod


ac:rthe tltn.e tlle fuot U about: to be l'D4dl!'li 1.nto tl,c. 􀜦e.actor. 􀜧 wclu.r tu..t

􀅄9d1 ar• 􀜨leeedy on aft􀜩) 'Tbe pu􀅄po•• vi:ll b• tQ nonvlo!e.ot•ly 􀜪ltc90t LO 􀜫Joc.)i
vor'r.ere !r0\111 golng Or'! tf.to to lo•d the.. nuc:h·.a.r-fud. the, tAnd 'bloc.􀜬• YUJ coJ(t:lnue. avt'.n it the fttGl r.roa·s do get lo:scled i.a on1c􀜭 ,:.o pr,e.Vettt vot:ken ttCb
pe.rlonltLng final tc&t& Go reedy Uia'h\o ;foe opeudo􀜮. All -partl.clr,aau vi\l li,,cr,ln􀜯d 1." nv and be p;trt: o·f -aff:i􀅃Jt)' group•.,. £ad'! "-C vtU aecl.ee ® !t'I' 􀜰
CJ't.aUvo •c.ctoμ to 'hlctcqth th• ,enconc•<•>•

Uo vi\ l J.ttH1􀜱t t.o \:,lotl\•4a tlu. 'l.nt'l'anu(1)1ru lotrl H po.nll>l,c. tlN.t 40+, .tlt
un\lutako th.tr bloc.Ude. on, •rt•c tho ot,btT H 101\JI H w: ti• .. aor-• J:J••• 'n.t
U1·1t AO Will ltUt &htir bloo.kad• 'WhU.o cht Hoom A4 WA1U t.ut.1 dM llNt. d
t\o Alt bto-n UH.Cod •nd/t:,-, thtll' bln¢bJ!t h41 ti.to n:AU•.r-􀜲 ••• ,,.......... lt

"'' h1tv1.1 enourgh p(toph. aod U' we. ar-.e cn,.1111t VI •ttll111b 1l(' 0\1r o,"I t«t:h:,♦ th&A

blucll.tde could c:o,,rt:.,:,iue for. d•y•,

t vet\11le t1t1J ttnntOd •nil tor V1'atev1r-rt .. t.,,• ou t11lH••􀜳. ti. h 􀜴 ,..,

U of t.J:h;w fM)' cu,11111r beck to tho hQ!'lt 3.-t.l!I fA.lt fll1..e􀜵1􀜶, •••ln; Jr-•Mh.let • 􀜷
t11t1t uth111•1 􀜸•)' lttl ,o t11uve4 by t:1111t t1t«k<'IJ1f' lho. Lht7 •J-Ul wnt-I• J-1" It. '-•
w1 U h•n uv trdru&.u 11voll,tJ\f' lu t-uln ,.t,th.J.ond. tUM.ktd4tn •be aa tou .,.,..


A01t eM conU.nue th• bloe:•.11d,.., r.uvh 􀜹hodd .bt tt•l'afl'4 •.t: Ju-.1.. • b,y MtOl'♦

they vt1n to Jol" ch• b1o􀜺kadt,

lht,mvJu of th• kind• ot aro,ac.Ln bloo.\t.Nbi M'• •tirh􀜻 dtd.4• u 4b u􀜼,
A 􀜽,,,di'/1111 At. thv hone tntr•rro•, a ur •:t.aU•tn crn t.he cod!ut Lc..ul.t-11,gg,ite.-11 puy•ln n front ,.nuance, 1:;tc:,
A 1;han•• tft)A v(1 I b11 .tHttth\hh•d ,n tto{,tfy< IJN􀜾t. .of the day aod tUMe U.. lAOd

b\oclc.Ad(I 􀜿, n hf3,LA•-ptot1Rb1f Jn ,li,tl• oe ,1\,17, tt h d-ifhculr.: 􀝀o oot 􀝁 􀝂

•.,,.􀝃t. Jate. of tho (l"t,tbt'I, hut ilt10f1h ..u1 􀝄-"" fi...."It. pl-at't .. ('-f ... :ftr.,..... , ·-­
ln ' ,-.n•e. YI! 1,t] l o11lt br 'r10.,,..e,11° for n,, 􀝅\!----tr, Uflti.1 w ---􀝆 􀝇·
th, mw d•􀝈􀝉elon. Jt. Wo,Jld b• v.. Jul io.r ,reopl,o wVflU da'IIC ..,u:t O,cy ..,..

un11vdh.blt •nd lhHO t.hil wiLh thdt .tttl.nlty ,r-.o\lpl,


The sod of the ,u bl0Ak1tde h to atte:iC)'L ,to .Pv•v:ent: ?C&.i fr.a-wrntn& ;.Q tt.,
water cooling sy•teoi ana thus •top PG&E t-r-oe beJthntng to oper•t􀅅 􀝊 ,lMc....

1the cocll.nt; tjat<ml (OT' JU.ab,o 1nctud._. tvO &-U"ftL plpe& uteniU􀝋J !.nto S:ht O,;;MQ.,_
OIU! lnbh •od the Otb􀅅c outilov􀝌 tle wlLl atteapt tp b-,,ve. p􀝍h !ti -..U bQ.«t..,
vet s,Jiu or-!no.er t-ube.r.-ar-big bo3t,-----nu,.r the. e.nA of i:beau ;,tpe-s lo o'C'tt!.c--to

a·oy as 11trongly as "'e can to ,P,C&.6􀝎 "tf )'Ou tur-n ori m,ablo0 re• •-1 h-t ft"datl1•rU,.­peOple!-1 ltvu ia:r:i􀝏hcet_y (at thtt tUtd of die coolt.n& l)l-pu) .u veU H J'C'Otl•

:in SLO county 􀝐nd pttople for it:nerat.iona b::I come." \:.e llill alto Mva • lar5􀝑

boat Tiearby a,r• support boat.

'Ibe .!ttc-.ke 'Pipe h aboat_ 7 to 10 bet be10-1i1 .&u le.v.el. exund.s-100 tn.. t: Odt l-'1.10 •

Dh.J,lo cove. and u1u:i& in 885,00-0 gallori_!i ol vat,er-pe:: :lnute, (Sf't: dt...e􀝒)

Tho y-111te.r fr􀝓 tht aut.flo1,1 plpe fa\ h lih. a v􀝔t:er"b,ll frO!ll t:he pt.... t do-.-􀝕l!i
A 'tUnnel and cocnes1 out 88S,OOO a•llont pox: --m.tnute 􀝖t •• IC'Vt-1. (􀝗e-e. A1q_--:-z::,..J

' 17


Ate-hough '1e do -not feel "Lhcre la. «!'1.ot.:S dtl\P:-cf' loss o.f life-through the: sea


btoc.bd􃋼, there h obvioualy 􃋸􃋹 .:--Lalc:--"P,,art1e::iLnl1 tJ" Pc=&£ t,gnore5c OU!" pleas l'!cnd
tvrn• oci the caolio,&-$)'Item 1n:ai the -pl.an-t vi,fte. w n'I!. tben..o. '£vR:􃋺 pre:c.aut!lon
Vi.l.t b!e, taken for the l&!e!t;t oI •vc:::,one LrtV.ot􃋻, ln!cludln.1 􃆀Taft 9i\fe.tJ, -sup'Port
boat, 1th pl'􃅛_hrv,a-ct, s'ta..ttL,t; bl.pck,a4􃋼 b41ttgr-,e .:.ca\i.."l,;-􃆈au. .la t..n,11a:.:S on, e-tc.

'ifo -Ylll begip t;be: so• bJooltai:lc .;,Lthln •Lx tfajs!gf 􃋽􃋾 PG&E btgl..J loadln& the


fuel rod• and bcfote tbe_y turn b -;bt o(lq􃋿 -=ta-t-e=i ..-od untl:IM• ttie oiockacte.

day and nlght!ae lons H po:tl.f􃌀1e..


Our et"t"ottogy v.Ht 1:tt to hove • b9 peo_ple tn s:3U loats Li the. vate:r Dea-:' the

cttti•a􃈪ci!:8 to :.be. cooling pipu a..t aay pne. t􃌁, li or --Oe.n the.y are •n-esud..

otheu wJ. 11 t-a􃌂 t:be.lr plaee■-1b.is i.• JJOt 􃌃 ts a 􃌄Uc ilctlq:n. Wt: '1ofle

t,o ocM1t)' block the-plant .fTQCI btgiftn..ing 􃌅I.lea •s lQDI!u p0,t1d􃌆e. l.f
eno1t;g.h pc,or>te--,•ro· wllllna to }Pt.a ut. u

... 􃌇t􃌈• ce-uld c-ewt"tnue (or!-•!'!'

th: n-e. 11ot QUf"e yet ,,hnhu tcchnidt ly • ceu1' b,5 ercaud foe "'tf'ap.o:a.Jt1,s U

w􃉘 •T􀂫 in t.he: ooean •nd not touchi.q c.b& lzad. cn bott.ea of thee oc:aA.


A '{lhon􃌉 neti and aLe-rt c)latm wi U b♦ de.'M.1.of« U) AOrtt-1 􃌊eptc of ""t'.O' cto

ee..a block.adt 1A to be.s;.1n. Al L, dt otl,tc-il 􃌋.4 • at:t:1,ra.a, it b .reciuf rt4 r.hrr

tll perttcio-nts i9 the bloc\ade go chroug􃌌 􃈪􃌍 tra,inln.g,

le vo'Uld be l\l!lpfu1 £or p,eople plaoning t..o par-J..dpat:e t.n cbc s􃅕• bloc:􃌎 to
btg􃌏n t-tylrt& t.o -fll'ld c

bo.su, .. noc•• 􃌐1.} e..r􃇬F:.-1 "'•t .f\tlU. Uh Pf ... tvOfl,

•t<. t'<.' ua(!: dur{ag tjlr b􃌑.1:i••
• '


I -
Xl •KAJm;: 􀁌

( J\t1J1k lnto •MU IJT-OtJpt of 4 Of" s pc.o,k tc I.Utt f\.u -:ttu Mtd.ott m•n• 1.0 }IOU.
MQ.H ,fl..opl􀘄 \ltU 􀘅"6l)A'bl1 􀘆,. CCNlllt.n'.l NM aa.llt:1 "· tli.1-1 t,c,H4 .1.;,o􀘇t'. .,n.1.na


hrt.•ua, u,• 114111,•r􀘈 nt t1\1 ,o"tstcm. n.c. n..t It Mlft aa b\ow thit att,•n AnI f1ttvh•􀘉 tlm&h, rUMh!!lh

t'f,.1 \,f(ml(I "I! ...,.,,•.,1hf1-1 C'4 l.f'•......-i.a:.c. ,a.c.ouo1 ,u􀘋 o•llh tll-1'...,

􀘊,u ..., •.
ve 11 ••cJ1 "'*•􀀭 f'HtJtt• ht tl't"•!!..... tn& &􀘌lii1\ u, •r􀘍Mlft-nrr
I\ r,ve -􀘎,... an YII •u 1'UI!--;-· ...,Ir-'• ...GlpfoC Ao􀘏t .-fu§,,3􀘐ti'Y􀘑 .r.11m

••"'., •uoh U "c..w,.. I vi.u •••,. ro C. ...... ll'I• •rnup .,..n. t,JiAI lO»-􀘒t1er,

'M)l'I PUl gJ"oupa fnl$hG Altu 11"--. 􀘓• •h•• ..,. ,,-Ll\e U•4• Hl.l ru,Uf\l1J 't,flAt

w•􀘔 et 1).-pught. 1.(p w'l Ih tJ•e hot• Afn(P,


lt h l,i1v.,..tfi1.t.. forn•ft't1ll)I P°"P• U-....... ->t..􀘕 41f t&..-to abar1t ft1.tt1,at,


1nd thor e􀘖n IT)' 11. "t trN t vot:Ulto_,-• 9ft -tbt:h: 􀘗 ,􀘘. Uu-. for tilr•u Vf.tfi-

--tbopo vUI bo lncl"ad ln Lhe:co􀀫pi,.,'• b •􀀬


Jtll PllL!' ft.AT.I

Ruh pl.tya .tiu a·n ,)pporc",niv t.o 'Ji..a: OllT UIIIPtolenc-e Krui tu hov w t"t•n AOC\111Uypu·r; ic into -prne-􀘙1.fel lu )tautbly \tllriti .d:t:latltrn• -we. ai.-y--•ncou;,ut•-•uch u
duHng -m'lrpolict1
1 pr-ovocn;..011. ,.,,,_.,., ..&.􀁋.f&.g oUhuh, r.tfdtA c,p-􀘚•••n•
uttve􀘛. nc._ Tt tho tlVei' ru, 1, chu10 10 t1111tnelvn ll:J􀘜 tJ)e. s:l)od o( ouc-

1'opp_!lne.􀘝u•• end se11 bow e.t fuh er&i to 􀘞 ..,_c o 4cc on e av ghc



gt!t tbrro,sh t.P tt\ar> 1\11) human bc:nins• .. )U HI Clot• dp.Mt. c-ov&h

-rale.play-tng ve coo lN􀘟 liltlat: stt.at-q!.u a:!'trpp;r:;]11:ety ta, wt;lt apd tl\us cvold

$Qf!lte co,nc.l)' -.otn:e:;: 􀘠•m􀘡

•;e.unlcm11 jor-da po.1.,t.c. t:O ua• n■ bUl •O tubs
lt'o1l•d ui,, with rllbbor 􀘢•nd.e arouncJ. rte pA􀘣 c•n tie u-n for the di.-cu11 on,
u􀘤c:.t'lon for ouentid_. th•t cc::ea fr,o-. po:-1.e•, 􀘥l'.ie'n:ti.t1i lf '°" U.kt:, We may

p􀁲ed to do mor􀁲 t.hAn on• 11.lind of Nle gt.,. 1L't l􀘦rnnt ct1.1s-V• dno'• O(l\01u


thu.. b,eei.\H" vc ar-,:. drAa:t-.t oJf ln t.'l's: ,ole,t.,. C'.h41.n1
'• \fh•􀘧 \itll owCo•􀘨U.c1:ll)'


h4p.pt.n, Hake sun: μcop,._ tn􀘩 ,h􀘪 l'i•,,. t,􀘫 ;::,-μ:" toe-!'Jlt c.ontlng,unc:h/J,

Sup&· to se.t up a role.pl􀘬: I

1' £,c:plalp \ffl.at .a ralephy ls, 􀘭hh 􀘮 9cc.na.t10 or-'lh&t U\i, >1
lt, Pe.op1e should see.!!:.. not. tbl!!c tt..a!. d􀘯•Jlett, bu􀘰 􀘱ev-t.ng ctcm"3ttb ot t.h•
rt£5.l situation. and feelht&J p-eOl)tt h..¥11 ¥!t!t!.t, lt on YtrJ clJMc t.o C1,o r,ul

, tuft,

l) Expl!inwhet tbe phJ5ical ae.􀘲 U. _. ehe.t.e tb􀁲 •tte i• in the roCMl'I,
"'lolt,e-re-the g.at􀘳 or c.oollngi,t;,a iti!f. 􀃻ff.3)
talk about tho need for p􀘴p1􀃻 􀘵o gear tato tM role (pol1ce.Mn1 l-'fAt

o(ttchl, deiionit...r.ator, ELL.} mos: 3:ca1 h:.tn""' z be \@,am.

4) Ask if tllel'􀘷 -,r-e e:stion• befo:r..
e yoo &e;&ln.
)) Eiuu::t·.ia...the. 1' . . nw m.1n " 􀀐fft..ct..l..s:. pt'eu, dt!i:looGtrotors,
·n•• et

etc.. A•k fot vpJuntcc..n,_.:St!Ol.ttiou bil.ly el.tbs fo1' _gn!tu􀘸 n􀘹uu .e.
c•n help to identify vbo's ,Jbo.

6) Give tutc.h rou
.as -..c. s.. -
:nin.utet """ lat-o t:he: role,. Sutt it
..and bring lt. t,o ;a h•lt when u -shou .ap􀘺nttiw . otuu t S aln.)

7). tlit ISCUS-SlON AT '11G c,n_ 1S r'n" ll:\ST -0.::CRT>..
"t -PART. fisk. people l\o!J they

zL, .

felt d\Jr-tns: thr:
--i-o -1e-p3:ay. Wurh per a:o-:-lfii-.._ e: T' CA.􀘻 sre L&AR.i.


ra,OH m£ B,Ot.E .PU.Y ..A,S WE° PREPARE F'OR t'li& J:E1.L mn:t'? Sooe G􀘼c!flc: QJJ8s't"l90tl J'OO
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rr. t& Cie:::,,QO:St"(:t.c01:s? Dtd t.nry h;1ve. a chut:


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tor the nv b10Gk•dor1 or •otlvi1bl t1rat. (Ottfln 􃋡o•• oC th• ,tron•••t poopl•
v:1\!1 vol1,ntHtr f1u􃌖 itnd you don't k'llnt tho• •U .to !Jo "t\th th• oo11tto oz. •n1ry


t!n th• tralnlt!19 IOHlon you -tf1U probably not:. ?\IVO tllltr t.or mou. ChAtl tVO 'tole.

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the ftont J1\t1'MCC\ t:o Uhblo ¥it'h tcd'o·nnu.ton on the t.bl.et about j􃌙l)• tn •lt.&...-
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2) So• 􃌝locka􃌞a: At ,c, b\oc-•d􃉼r, 􃈒ppro􃌟eh 01•bto1• a􃌠o1􃌡1'\!I s..r􃌢tom pipes. th􃌣y
han-ovo􃌤 the-lou.J,p,,.k,,r • 􃌥Mmino thn t.h• coo Hua 1yttc.ra 1""1U .be tumed o!n withll.

U mlnut·!!s. "You t'􃌦ut.11 􃅛t your own rhk." hrtlotp•nh in • sro!lp of' 20t

9 'li.lpck1dU$t S polht-t l l-0&? nfhdAh, 2 auppot'C pooplfl1 l c.1􃇞1'U11.

J 􀁎 I J. 7

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Se.a. bloc.k'".ad.enr -should de[itilte.ly do furtfie.:-toh phr,s i,nO h2t,..n,l,.r\Q \t1J:"\1ll-t diitnit?



8roup.-(1:u!huttng in tht> 11􃌧ter -aft.u tlJ!! nv, t:-c2iftiDg setidUJ!t.

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Xtll FOil􃌨 .Ai'nll rtt CC'ICUP!!:

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Xcc.p lo m,f!o(t thal 110V t!Yuyoi,u in your tr.:i loln,g se-sdon lrlll 􃌩ant ·Q:1/ jolo 011 (IH?ohy
gnmp ft'o,it th-&t: -se&&"l,oa. Tb.!•

e.t"e. ue. Qp:lg_j1t1 for 11:peeid iritetc.sc af:finl!Y :a:f'Dup•,


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1Uh,i1::y t!_er􃈡p on tht! dty o.!F th_., lr-.J1lt1it1&,

tt.' • .t .91.! Jdc..a fo.t' dHulty 2troup1 to gttf. to ltn,,t ue.h otho.t: befo-u the ...i.ction,



When AO s ne-s9lic-up by Ii􃌬 ln J•ti, they c,m thrlY red. cOld"or-nbte re-foraln!g

v(th another ''buddy" src"Hip. Ar ;, ,tt'􃌭ine: yo,, ■tgh!c enc.oUUAc snr.fe.onf\ -m ors,tnlt.e

on 1.nfomal gatbt!dog fpr. all blocl::sden an4/ot avppocc pe!:lple ln '}'out a ..u au

that th,y ,e.un get .iofq,u,d􃆓t:i,d!Gt\Ot!'• cuncems. etc.,


Make sure thue !& at L-cast one uron&, truetvDrthy ptt1on Lr1 cec.h efHnJ.,ty



lBroup you train. "Itih fflAlY bo ,onu!one-you limo"'", a privtdlb gccuc,n::: ,, o,•􃌮jbfflr!rn,c.
whdbas p􃌯rt!c.1pAted 1􃌰 􃌱tv!l disobadle􃉦e􃌲 or demonctraUonw bofor•.

Remind 3toup1 thllt one: of their res.ponslb11i-tiea .ls. Lo do a da or 1DOrc of outruc..>t
t!n Sao Lule Obispo.. thc-y s m.il!d la.t Proano na,,,, wheu "nd hO\J t.hry p.lan to do t
Ft'esno is cooTdln.attng PTectnct--,;,,alJdng,


ttat.e-sure co es:ipl\a,h-
e t)\e rte(!;d tor afftn.􃊣t)' gr-oup.a-·t:o seet r:ogrther b􃆴lo:.-'"Che

;11:..!•Sef! e-apons.i,btUt!6-s.usgesfione. lot-AGe. I\•

uon. r!le.e u􃌳􃌴 xru


T'ry tO Und <peopl '•!ho .atte ililltn.Q t'O cptmct • veek o!r-t1,;,-o 1n SUI to he "1 tt

ac!t1cL.Uh...t:g orr.;,nldng n.aml!fi o -􃆙-rs. e.ga[ .strct􃌵y. Etc!.


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􃌷n.trien Cbntad: la.nci Bowe.r􃌸 6.169 Ua-n,ood .A-v•• O.o1tlana 􃌹46U (U􃌺) 6t!i•lS4􃌻


tU.. noT• Cootect: Sttf'frou Je..tlot'ki.at u:t􃌼!'I, Sf' .94.U4 􃌽U) '!-'g

3137 M,!6U•h!or 431-IJ;l..l


l:m;iOl'U:f'ltl AU m'l,AoN ·rbould have. not.arlud statements l:rom tbd.:-parents .$:ic:b
♦UO"t1 eu.,thpd E_!h., to rl!hMe., _them 't.t1to cur-t.ody of :tuppo(% people,
.L!8.d w-trat:egv Sft!!le pl'ople :iay .Jant to £:or:m 6 ool.O cp;ic-e.odt,e AG n.c.t,;,ork., or •
JJJry trhif Vt􃌾 le.g,d couqpel tleblotk;, FaT those, Wo aTe Loi:erutcd in!this


'O;tU.on, H\c for-.;oee_!one vt\-U is \.•U 􃌿& to coordi;qet-e-1 &,Nt .aead_!t􃍀fr ticae t.a

t.h􃊆 notwiohn,t. .tr-t1t"ln5 ct.\urdlrlA􃅬O'r.' C•L l'h􃍁􃍂t" oa1'11.!@ vlU tbeo krJ out on th.e.
tcii􃍃•􃅬•• upd•􃍄e•

... .... ..

A'fl. 􃍅 ff1 tt.ity £􃍆? LP \1.tt,1dlY e􃍇po1eO e􃍈..5 􃍉 lS p_e.op!le. til1:fo M·ve orge:ni:f'd tb􃍊􃍋

Hlvn throv.t:h loC41 Ab111'orte. 1'rou.pe1 en l1An pu4ctpe.ted. tog-􃆴ther; 1.n MinPiolrtsrE.­eac o􃈄 er a so
•1hn,-t!on n a!c:ro -& tu...tt.!on otentUIU cenae.. .Sy i3l:Ung_ ._.ch 0£,
Ult t'COPQnJ lt ccr roup, AC'-' dtuu-.a c 1tc. ng, lic-a..::.LIU.y. :aurup-
by pTQYOceteure. Uc. -Struc􃊅urtng t I! emonst.Tat.ion ..,., ,_o
fit\OWOte coo'tdtnet:t..on of Activitte• 11nli IMk􃅕 dUcip'li.n;: oors-elYn e&siu·. J.:C'a
t􃊙ntning. 'Ibey .f.iin.ctlon Hi • uni􃊅 -Ouf1Q8 aet[!and he!!.ou..:.Ld 1Ui6£d\


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al'RI suppor􃊅 from 'ii @:i!! iUne!,nne-&. 'Sl'liey reduce mob ;􃅕eltbffe i'itd

that_ .ta. 1\1


􃍌n: 'bt nrt1c-tred around • 􃍍􃍎 co􃍏 11,teri::􃍐Eh 11 viSiii.ca'• .-n.d :ieo''•• p.U.cl-kU-pl'nt,-.
ol4 t""dt:nda, or 􃍑ill'IYple Imo

.work to8,Vthl!lt..


Spokt!aperson pTc.oc.nh t"b• AG'4 ._.ooseno_uo/;:!tvu1tPflCt. 􃍒£ Oftl.Ol<tQ ot: e􃅬i:-. df •􃍓•

flt ,t;o􃍔u..
P􃍕􃅛cek􃍖ee􃍗r botps keov the ton􃅕 of action paacduJ •nd nonvt..ot&nt; t'rlu to
mon1to-r AG'• aet;ion, ''on s_lt«"'i •ho voc:c,haD foe ouuide: eg1r:•C.0..u oc en.)' :yro'btt!ra ..
.fir.tt• .Aid or .,medic" --ru:pondble: for .AG'e nicdlc.al lclt:; da-s-ls ..,ttb mi:not m..:.lfut



Ly:#1 􃍘poke nprc,.r.nu AG ln wnucta \lol:'C'h l.-w,ei.•; a􃍙r;• \lhh ot.hes: le:.p.,i

􃍚poke, t.o dticuaa letal •t.categy.
cn'l'l'tnct pcr11on 􃍛ep• ln to&ic:h ..,;i.th n;irtYLalc-nt' t,:•1.ntt:􃍜 􃍝eei-pe li.-r. Gf 6H AO
mBJaban and adtlretflt:6• etc,; g!\lca oHC. t.·a;aa,..cru:t• f> upd.,ted. t.nfottNN'r\r


•Supp·at',t penon(􃍞 Kce.pe!ltet of ,AG, antl emer:ge-ocy p&ao·!.r f'a.. °'onT.'lcU. vt-.\1liclu.
e.me.rgenc-y fund·e• et"C:., ( ac.e &Upp·ort H:ct:1.on)


gro...!:,'P noae-aad. lb (􃍟 sbitt. amb•nd I flte.)

as.lect 1).l!ople 6i Q.l! ;-f>ltt

4ec1.de on n.a. ,tUE of!:blocbde ac..tion-. and ,e:nd to ftOJWlol.ent-tratne.r

lllAkil U.-t o·r nam􃍠•, acldressea ;:i, phon·e a r s;uP.port p!e-r.soa, o.oneoc.t & ncmvil<>l•ot



cUirltlel 1.u Saa Luh Obhpo.

plo.n outttac"b .i.

STJGGE'f.r:,,{t;IQ.',t' b,,,.J l7'< •• n': n-auUrly or. •t

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of.!th􃍢 STOUP, ge on grp an

SIICCSS'UON& (oont.)

Ir-.li!'t qontton5 t1bout th, action or:!,enythl'nt y,ou naed snfilfer_e.a. find vohlnte􃊕--u
r6 Und t:bc ..tM.wou •n.4 revort-back.

• diecuaa rs/ roactiona about being involv􃊕d
e ne
ln the actlon

• pun votJc (c1nvAssinq, offlce. g􃍣apbtcst etc.􃍤 a u th loca􃍥y
ond. 'tDSUI to hdp l)repflre-for thu, O.ct:.lon

* ao .ftb!-(S-Liji-s oi uTiti>-'t, Jan, coun-, cr􃍦o•.
.,_ hola. .o. rtrtt-• 1i10ib'hop

,tttl. &. Supta0tl ll;olu

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tt\l􃍧􃍨q'!'L it Cffl.!clel for ft good' :sc-li.o􃍩•
.... . .

etvO il/J,pobol(􃊤ct1􃊸c 􃍪us·r e :1-t S"'ci:tsup";port

lent one f!::􀀹􀀺􀀻
to 6􃆴 done •M-t'O
􀀼L,j;􀀽at]Et;􀀾􀀿􀁀􀁁H 􀁂

Qtoph1 ny •􃆓d Yt\t1􃆴.d. Jt. 'tO\l 'tie gooa , t;e 111cct .to,

thtir o􃍫 aro•• prloc to the let.ton ta elA􃉛ify "'"l􃍬t


doepe-n our .tTUat of ••ch otb:,r.


'fhue flre two ea ot support, lo􃊈d s􃌗1pport 1111d -eup'Qor:t ior 1Ctin1ty tTOap• wb-t.1,


tn SAi\ Lj1l:1i Oh.6 (t't•ue pcw-pte. shoii.id cbiiiiilE tharsdve.4 to ihe-se=e. ,u111,um-:a.l

ti.:n.4 oA'the•btccl<adf!r,• nn..1 re-11uae ::tu\t that?" ·tole con.ti--nue, un·c.U thi: 1,􃍭l

att.ev.;ltlt"h ot the aC'l.ian h .o\!tt-.

kttopoo&ibUitle.&' ot Lcc-·!al Su':lport I

To􃍮" eu·c o! thing. at .l\OJ!tC ('i'tt.a.t. ptOntJi. (n.􃍯 f.tlb:Ml• t,tr;....<)

.&to tf ..local. ufflcci durl.niii.ha 1eUon,. n111 􃌥ill 'lit􃍰 1D "'l'.Dl\Y w.wya,. An.av•r

pl'lon.• u.lh ft:om, mfdlat h:hnds-􃍱 .relaU9dF., and geM.r:ally Keep ccm::::au::n1c:eJ1.,ons
o)en b..t'nireen bloc!kade.es And ouuide \fOdd. Y􃍲i!!p • lf.n. .of loc.a:1!1'G'a 1.n toca1
o'ff .e-e..

Be•pon8Lb1lil:1.aa or sti> S􃍳pport..::

nurtibur!:, n.o,.c of ti􃍵-»e..t. Jcu;oe(tRtiD.1'; 11£ tlic. car, .ancl, 1\fl'VC 1.!uplle"te Un.,

lf n.ny or the hto.!clt1dn1 6rlng a 􃍴-r. ou.pe,otc puo;,,h ,.hli!ull.! _""" t.h􃈊 Uurt,.,

liAVtr i.uf!' ,er:t 􃍶nd1 fas: e.􃍷enciaa. tind t&at: minuto item1...thir. t,0\ll.d d•a:
11rc-h,d• unct, ftoin nny peop e w o 111ay ·Sys to '6􃉾11 out. KHp oa L.0.,
htr -peoph l.tio 1,,!14?\ l.-t.

Xc.tp a
le i.nai.ae:.
·Hs-.t of mcdlc.al nftltdi nod K-ty Aadro«itee Cot bloc:k.>46'CS. Thi/¾ ,<:.􃋵n b..
mill!tcd 􃍸 .penpoSuppon' lit!UJII cu kiib.., each pcr11on', d􃍹 corc:1Ltcicnt for
Lub1g f.n 1iI"T:!
'"'oUltd-thd..r diole.f fot: ,:ot1p􃆩rotion, oon ... ccQfll􃍺.r-ettan, ·!gatng JU!lJl., etc.

t.,u ciuntrat eu.Plor..t ofJic.t!,, Jf -s1.1ppo-rt
t t p f'-l.l ltt cl,uttltnij• fJ-e91)1" {p ftlitl

: .!
vj􃍼h n1na, <!.O,d b.!f.-name, -Su:pp.Qtt pi,u.on coul􃍽 have a Un of eru:h ind-i\ltdunl s largo:

Soch AG Ahtnoild -nratk. elide!b•ionail'lis fin the o\lt-sldo (p11cb, tents, ctc:.._.􃍻 lW1c

frui; JIU

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l'􀍹rpou:. To-tUt-ti,.¢ ..-pld.u ore"-" tenJ;io􀍺 L:n • 􀍻• :=:t:y,e 􀍼11: .a :.r􀀃
11io thAt they c.a.n bett,n: tac.Uc • d􀍽t􀍾 ;>'tOCl!:J't• W o!" 􀍿 l::a-u 􀎀


1. Mu.dc31 Lapa-CtoUf• fo't;!ll t d:rc.le. •It C..etn.g. !..o 􀎁 llice􀎂􀎃• ..cloA.r
t.ogether. Everyono -tttu to •tt! l[ .-u􀎄•'ht. 􀎅 .... 1tt=s.,i
l. \laking up in the .J\Jmtlt -Atlt. p"9Pl• 􀎆 dt!.U cf t:t..-ll f•"'9t:1.t.c }tu:.􀎇tani•l• hc:b pretnod1 to be: 􀎈ldQJ a,p .-rid 􀎉 t.'.,,._ t2..t=at•t oo.t.e !,oudtt and
'l,. Ent.::S:, Slurring Jtti'D one
'• band$ and. up the: .pec,p1e, •c􀎊 J'(l'Q,

4, Ce􀎋 􀎌ash Peoph 'kneei in two 11.ae. f..clt\l e..a􀎍t. othec-4 􀀁 3 􀎎et 'Jl'P.Jrt ..

Someone 1t:a.---tt: ero􀎏11ng drnm the 1.1:l􀂙, !"e.ople gi"tl:tl.1 -,...t, a,b, or :a-a.uge the
cnrvler. Rut L􀎐 gro􀎑rs of 10 oe 20.

5. 'Tb􀎒 1t.ilgla blOb 't-™ au imagilaaty a.ab O\lt cf 􀎓:-;:,c-.cbec,. ?􀎔r:o,lrr:teakln.g somttbing. thtn p.au it. Otl 1Ja d).t1;􀎕 foQ' CO 􀎖 t:.e:tt J.Ei􀎗 It :..:.
be dtylded and sent both v•y􀎘.

6. Sle6t\.tnt-1'􀎙1m. T􀂗e A 1>otnu,,-pd<b. the .e-Le.pbac W,.o bu.-:!. -.i.isth )nnd.J
d:rop,p•4 to9et.'her. Thou on uc:h ,t4e Ser.an vi􀎚 tl\elr .a:r:,,s \IP ...,_,.., 􀎛 th•
tt.hph-anc, lik􀎜-palm c:-c•u.
1, ,Up and dOWJ:. .lollolJ el,,4-nt "Whe.n • ue Up􀎝 •P -up. QC.e􀎞 we: •ti•
down ve a-re down, apd wbco U,t. Ate. Or\lY Lc.11 Va'f Up w •􀂗 􀎟􀎠 t,11? 􀎡t dovn.11
R.opeti t h•ter-.

6, Pc.opla Ha.ch.t::,e-E.xpL.dn to ,t:li.c &-t'OUJ) 􀎢et ebq eN S::.1.,C. c-o .f-ont ._ Pu:m:olrl.ng
·IM.ch1nc. B•¥it1 with ono or b'O pGOpt• ta tb• cot:n fti .,..... I&: •􀎣 foqa pC
rhythmic '"FtUte'm 􀎤tether. nccocpaiacd by :;: •annd, '1.ir1't ttlt Id p-o-, .-dd ct, ta
i:achine-vlth 'lflOre-1,e.aturea iand sounds:. \,"he-a. E'i'\e".J;)"On& ts ,..art o1 Che-mc.hl.rt• ft,lvc
tlle. Nr-ac -pu11on t1'1.tch co Anocl\􀂘T auto􀎥, •nd eve-:r,rona e!.J;􀂘 n.'i.t<ll.• co􀎦 􀂙t: a -t..J..::ie.

9, PTe.tceel ll'hr'le-or four: peoph h:ave the: uioc 􀎧W the n:..: of dre pu,
Joins-tfa.ada tn a el re.le arid betng cau.fb"1 QOt. .co ltr $.'O, 􀎨 d,a...c. 􀎩•hu
u__p by st-epp!..-ag over end under: the e􀎪 • etc.. Dte Oc:btrs cio::aa: t.Ad &::i! Cry to
uftfflix the gToup.,

lO. R􀎫tmbtt, Jutt.. • tow tl01:lettt-l •t.re.l'.el oa: t01;l& a-re •1-w,.-,.s q,!1dc-but Ute::tl.n
b.re.aks. foc.J free. t"1 t.ry otbor-i.1\UfP 􀎬 n,u "c:1"10--., o--r 􀎭cl :t.t: t toe:k: of !fev Gn,n,