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Palestinian Justice Movement

  • From Theory to Practice: Upholding International Humanitarian Law in the Occupied Palestinian Territories

    14 pages


    Organizing records of a legal seminar on international humanitarian law in the Occupied Palestinian Territories, including invitation emails, schedules, and participant introductions. This four-day event gathered international humanitarian law experts, human rights practitioners, and Palestinian civil society representation in the OPT. The seminar is a follow up to the 1988 legal conference to create change to the fundamental legal framework. This comes 15 years later with a changed situation in the West Bank that accompanies settlement expansion and construction of the Annexation Wall. Speakers include William Shabas, Jonathan Kuttab, Raja Shehadeh, and Jamel Juma.

    Lesson Plan and Outline

  • Guidelines for the Implementation of Phased, Selected Divestment for Israel and Palestine

    2 pages


    The handout includes guidelines for a U.S. divestment campaign against the Israeli occupation of Palestine. The committee on Mission Responsibility Through Investments adopted a classification system to identify multinational l cooperations in Israel and Palestine. The policy aims at supporting the Geneva Accords. The guide includes a policy background, classification rationale, classification system, progressive engagement list, and process. These guidelines specifically apply to phased, selective US divestments.