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  • We Can Sail Without a Sail: European Gathering of Trainers of Nonviolence

    34 pages


    Report on the European gathering of trainers in nonviolence, 1983.


  • European Trainers Gathering - Amsterdam

    14 pages


    Report on the European Trainers Gathering in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, 1973.


  • Transnational Nonviolence Trainers Gathering

    2 pages


    Proposal for a transnational nonviolence trainers gathering. The early 1990s saw a marked increase in the use of nonviolent tactics in overcoming entrenched regimes in Eastern Europe, Africa and Asia. At the same time, regional friction, national liberation struggles and inter-ethnic conflicts continue. In some of these situations local organizers have asked for assistance from the international community, specifically requesting experienced nonviolence trainers to share concepts and skills in support of their efforts. The International Fellowship of Reconciliation (IFOR), War Resisters International (WRI), Peace Brigades International (PBI) and the International Network of Engaged Buddhists (INEB) have an ongoing interest in promoting the development of nonviolent movements for justice and peace. However their capacity to respond to requests for training has been limited. One reason for this limitation is a lack of trainers prepared to respond to such requests.. The short-term goal of the gathering would be to increase the capacity to respond to requests for nonviolence training by expanding the number of experienced trainers ready and willing to engage in cross-cultural training. In the long term the gathering would begin the process of building a transnational network of trainers by providing a place for people to meet each other, exchange experiences and develop working relationships.