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Civil Disobedience

  • Citizen Action Civil Disobedience on Healthcare

    17 pages


    This letter has ideas about how to run a pre-action meeting.


  • Organizing for Civil Disobedience

    13 pages


    Manual for organizing civil disobedience.


  • Civil Disobedience

    1 pages

    Outline for a workshop on civil disobedience training.

    Lesson Plan and Outline

  • Challenging the Law: Civil Disobedience

    4 pages


    Overview of civil disobedience.


  • ACT-UP Philadelphia: Civil Disobedience Information

    8 pages

    ACT-UP Philadelphia a chapter of the grassroots political group working to end the AIDS pandemic. Through the use of direct action, advocacy, and legislation change. ACT-UP makes it clear that direct action comes with risk. In this handout, they make it known that “some [] will risk arrest. Some [] will participate by leafleting, peacekeeping, or doing support. Each person is an integral part of this Action and every role is equally crucial to the Action. Each of us has the responsibility to determine what we will contribute to the spirit and mood of our presence at the C/D action. We must assess our own physical and emotional needs and act accordingly, not judging ourselves or each other for the choices made. A strength of nonviolent civil disobedience is the opportunity for each person to determine [their] own participation in the Action. The dignity inherent that individual choice empowers the individual and the Action. It also carries responsibility to the Action.” The handout includes information on nonviolent theories, responses, and pre and post-arrest tips in the context of direct action.