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Media Communication

  • Speaking with the Media

    2 pages

    A short guidebook on how to speak with the media, with practice questions and answers.


  • Tactics for Interviewing Public Figures at High Profile Events

    6 pages


    Introduction and tips on how to interview high profile individuals at events

  • Guiding Questions for Creative Direct Actions

    2 pages

    Puppet Underground has provided steps to use when creating a story and designing creative, direct, and nonviolent action. When creating the story for an action, an actor must use the following five steps: Understand the Conflict, Identify the Characters, Explore the Images, Recognize the Underlying Assumptions, and Refine Your Story. When designing an action, one must choose the Action Basics and get creative with their action (e.g. intergrating the story with the action, utilizing artistic expression, etc.). Each step contains guiding questions to walk one through designing their action and the story behind it.