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  • Friendly Presence

    20 pages


    Report on the Quaker Team peacekeeping role at a Black Panther convention in Philadelphia 1970.


  • The Principles of Strategic Nonviolent Conflict

    17 pages


    This chapter from Strategic Nonviolent Conflict presents twelve principles that highlight the salient features of strategic nonviolent conflict. The principles fall under development, engagement, and conception. Ackerman and Kruegler find that these principles are essential in having a comprehensive approach to nonviolent action.


  • Seneca Women's Peace Camp: Shapes of Things to Come

    15 pages


    Chapter from Rocking the Ship of State: Toward a Feminist Peace Politics, edited by Adrienne Harris and Ynestra King. Provides a first person overview of the Seneca Women's Peace Camp, a women-only encampment devoted to stopping the deployment of Cruise and Pershing II missiles through civil disobedience and to establish an alternative way of living based on women's experiences. Dynamics of the camp are discussed, including consensus decision-making, the governance system, and daily activities.